Experiencing a Renaissance!!!

Welcome to *The Renaissance Lady* blog as I would like to share my journey with youHmm, I can hear you asking ‘what does she mean and why choose such a name’? So let me start by defining the keyword: Renaissance which is a noun that connotes various things like ‘a renewal of life’, ‘renewed energy’ amongst others and has different synonyms as per below:

Rebirth      Rejuvenation Restoration
Regeneration  Reactivation Revivification
Re-emergence    Reawakening New-birth  
Resurrection  Resurgence Resuscitation
Rediscovery Comeback New Dawn
Renewal Revival Healing  

Along one’s life journey, there will definitely be ups and downs, storms and difficult times. But at the end of it comes a Renaissance!

My personal definition of the word ‘renaissance’ can be viewed as: *when something or someone experiences a ‘renaissance’, it means he/she becomes popular or successful again after a time when people were not interested in it. *

What words listed resonates you having a ‘renaissance’ right now. Kindly list down in the comments section and here’s to you finding yourself and your purpose through my posts. Kindly subscribe so you will be alerted when a new post is on.


So again: I welcome you on this amazing and exciting journey with me as I experience a Renaissance – a journey of Rebirth, Restoration, Rediscovery, Re-Awakening and Renewal of MY Purpose and Gifts! So enjoy this journey of Life, Health, Career, Empowerment and much more.

Yours in love – The Renaissance Lady ©

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