Savour & Share every Moment

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day routine. If like me, you find there is not enough to share with your loved ones and the grumblings are not doing well for the relationships.

I love You

Why not dedicate week a month for these activities alternating between the groups but ensure that you are maintaining the relationships amongst your loved ones. That’s why it’s important to savour the everyday moments we share with those closest to us.

Check out the tips below to help you connect with the special people in your life:

Week 1 WITH YOUR FAMILY: Savour the most important part of your day. A nutritious morning meal is a must.
Week 2 WITH YOUR SISTA-FRIENDS/BROTHA-FRIENDS: Connect with them by starting a book club together.
Week 3 WITH YOUR SIBLINGS: Surprise them with a plane/train ticket to come visit and enjoy the time together.
Week 4 WITH YOUR SPOUSE: It’s time for a weekend getaway. Make a reservation at a bed-and-breakfast.
Week 5 WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND: Treat your favourite person to a spa day [ladies] or golf game [men]! What better way to share a day together and bond?
Yours in love  - The Renaissance Lady ©

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