Dear 2019 (New Year’s Letter)

Dear 2019,

I am so excited for another glorious year – full of expectancy, overflow and fulfilled dreams.

This year, Focus and Excellence are the themes.

This year, I will bring the most curious, courageous version of me there ever has been.

This year, I will stand in the pouring rain for the joy of it, seek out silliness and sunsets, walk wisely and sleep soundly.

This year, I will live and love, fierce and warm, like a fire.

This year, I will smile harder, laugh louder and hug tighter.

This year, I will Soar Higher as the Eagle Wings.

This year, I Stand for Love, Success, Expansion, Good Health and All that has My Name attached to IT.

This Year, I AM EXPECTANT as The Renaissance Journey continues …

(Hope You are Ready for Me?)


Me 😍😍😍

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Yours in love – The Renaissance Lady ©

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