Well, my name is Yvonne who also happens to be a Lifestyle Blogger, Wanderlust Consort, Serial  & Motivational Mompreneur, Business Coach, Vision-Board Extraordinaire and most of all – Mommy on a Mission fascinated by this thing called Life and how we can create the best WE that we can BE… I am that free-spirited individual that totally believes in the spirit of Sisterhood and of Women Empowering Women.img_9703-2

I am constantly on the goal of being ready for the NEW re-birthing and renewing of Oneself as I believe we all have a purpose to fulfil on this earth and part of my mission is for us all to live a purpose-driven life.

TheRenaissanceLady.com is a different kind of lifestyle blog – light-hearted, inspirational, educative and entertaining. The aim of the blog is to give practical advice as well as tips on how to get ahead in all facets of life. We focus on all things lifestyle that constantly runs through your mind – from motivational pieces, relationships, passport stamping, career, beauty, fashion, blogging, food & health – all in a bid to help us live life more intentionally and have fun! 

I always wanted a space where I was able to fuse all of my passions, skills, and interests into one medium and that is through blogging. We hope to spread positive vibes to you, our readers who are such a lively bunch! So when you stop by, you’re sure to get inspired, learn something new and/or have a laugh!

I hope you stick around and you enjoy these posts, as much as I love writing them.

Apart from blogging and travelling, I love poetry writing, investing, singing, photography (selfie addict) and networking.

I’m always excited to hear from my readers, so keep reading to be inspired! Do Get in Touch and let’s hang via Social Media.

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