Speaker & Spokeperson

I have always wanted to become a Speaker to tell my story and now with determination and focus, I am living that dream.

Yvonne has a reputation as an electrifying and high energy speaker. A gifted orator and inspirational speaker, she knows how to ignite people and get them chasing their dreams and producing extraordinary results using her past experiences or ‘journey‘ as the healing tool. She speaks to Transform! 

She brings high energy with a deep level of content and extensive people development experience to her talks. Yvonne is an intuitive and thoughtful natural leader with a big heart for people with an infectious personality which has endeared many to her over the decades.

Yvonne is a visionary entrepreneur having founded and sustained several organisations and businesses. She regularly organises and facilitates high profile business conferences with high profile clients in attendance internationally. With a background in Project and Event Management and a Toastmaster, Yvonne understands first-hand what is required to produce and sustain results.

Yvonne is recognised as an authority in the areas of empowerment and personal development and her messages are to encourage others to be the best and walk into their calling by inspiring people all the world with her story of overcoming adversity through faith and perseverance.

She is available for bookings via this form.


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