Anna Wintour’s Top 10 Rules For Success

Being empowered is something I craved from a young age and knowing that I come from a family of strong women, I had to step into that role. I then realised that in my circle of friends – we all have learnt to encourage each other through the various journeys we have encountered and be the best that we can be which is ‘live our best life to purpose‘. In turn, I have made it one of my ‘life missions’ or ‘purpose in life’ to empower other people whether young or old especially women as we are ‘the necks that will forever hold up the head’.

You see I admire a lot of female leaders in society from all genres of life/career. Many within my inner circle know how I absolutely adore Oprah Winfrey who is my virtual mentor but another lady I admire is Anna Wintour, the Editor of Vogue.

Fashion icon, Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of American Vogue and the artistic director of Condé Nast, is widely regarded as the most influential figure in fashion.

She landed the editorship of American Vogue in 1988 and is someone I internally address as ‘small but mighty’. Wintour quickly became an important figure in much of the fashion world, widely praised for her eye for fashion trends and her support for younger designers and whatever she endorses goes HUGE within the Fashion Industry!

It is a well know fashion insider that if you want to get hired by Wintour, then get ready as she looks for a strong personality. “I don’t like people who’ll say yes to everything I might bring up. I want people who can argue, and disagree, and have a point of view that’s reflected in the magazine, she says! Her reportedly aloof and demanding personality has earned her the nickname “Nuclear Wintour”.

I believe to be successful, one needs to copy the model of those who have made it so here’s Anna Wintour and are her Top 10 Rules for Success (see video):

1. Be Decisive

2. Don’t highly Specialize

3. Accept Failure

4. Avoid Mediocrity

5. Be true to Yourself

6. Always do your best

7. Experience New Things

8. Have a sense of Business

9. Enjoy what you Do

10. Be a Good Leader

Now what can you say your Rules for Success are in both your personal and professional lives?

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