Back to Life; Back to Reality

2852F2CD-C959-4997-8810-C1CA56678D8BHello Beloveds, I have been gone for a minute (I know) but back to life now (figuratively).

For a while, I had been going through the motion of not being totally fulfilled – emotionally, mentally, financially and physically. I felt I had been pulled on all sides and not enough time to cater for Self (ME). I made a drastic decision to just shut down and stay away from everyone and everything (well, almost everyone and everything). The role of a mother has to continue regardless of whatever situation one is placed in.

After time off for self-evaluation and self-love: I discovered more of who I have been called to be; I realised that I am stronger than I thought I was; I discovered more of my spiritual walk with God (with affirmations that guided my daily walk – check out for the next article). So now, I am back to doing what I love doing: creating content and spreading love amongst other new outlooks to life.

So here’s to ending 2019 with a bang and welcoming 2020 with high expectations and purpose-driven goals.

Welcoming back The Renaissance Lady! Welcoming back Me!!

The Renaissance Journey continues …

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The Renaissance Lady

As a Mompreneur & Lifestyle Blogger, I am constantly on the goal of being ready for the NEW re-birthing and renewing of Oneself as I believe we all have a purpose to fulfil on this earth and part of my mission is for us all to live a Purpose-Driven Life.

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