Celebrating Africa Day 2017

Africans across the world yesterday marked 25th May as ‘Africa Day’ where the continent of Africa observed and celebrated in a special way. What began on 25 May 1963 as a day marking the foundation of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), Africa Day has evolved into a platform for creating awareness about all things Africa, in Africa and around the world.

Africa Day was formerly known as Africa Freedom Day. Today, Africa Day is celebrated in various countries on the African Continent, as well as by Africans in the Diaspora. Some Western Aid agencies also celebrate the day to draw attention to some of the challenges facing Africa. It is a day when people from different countries come together to share their cultures and celebrate through food and dance.

Africa Day is promoted by the African Union (AU) and this year 2017, the African Union highlights the theme: ‘Harnessing the demographic dividend through investments in youth’ where it focused on empowering youth. 

Apart from the enormous political and economic challenges, Africa Day celebrates the African way of life, culture, art, the gift of music and Africa’s love for bright colours. 

Africa I Salute You – Proudly African! #AfricaDay!!!

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