Controlling Emotions! Own Your JOY!!!

For the past few weeks, I was behind in my blogging schedule due to so much chaos around me (work and family life) and sadness (loss of some close friends and family members) which was beyond my control. At one point, I couldn’t even seem to point my finger on what is holding or manipulating my emotions which were all over the place and so felt so misplaced.

And when I get in that emotional state, I act odd (either shut down partially or totally from people; get very irritable towards any single thing; not sociable and very sensitive that I can break down at any point}. The latter statement of ‘breaking down’ is a norm of mine that within my group of friends, I am often known as a very emotional (polite way of saying ‘cry-baby’) person and I do agree with that statement. Ain’t no shame in shedding a tear or two; it goes to show that I am human and besides crying cleanses the eyes (lol).

So what is emotion and what causes it? It can be defined as a strong feeling deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others. And being emotional means: (of a person) having feelings that are easily excited and openly displayed.

So for me at this point in my life – emotion is at the core of every experience I have been involved in whether it be a birth or death or birthday or marriage… I am emotional (point blank).

So now, I have chosen to take my JOY back and focus on the good times ahead bearing in mind that life continues always whether in the positive or negative. I now constantly remind myself to protect that JOY in me and not let people, situations or circumstances take it away cause then the power will no longer their to control but mine.

There you have it: Protect and Own your JOY and most of all, experience the fun in IT because it is at the core of your Life’s Experience…

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The Renaissance Lady

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