Creating A Cosy Waiting Room For Your Surgery

Visiting the doctors is something which no one ever enjoys doing, and it is usually associated with bad memories of being ill or having a flu jab. As the owner of a surgery, it is important for you to take responsibility and create a calming and inviting area for your patients to wait in. Here are some of our top tips for making the waiting room more comfortable.

Add an art wall

A doctor’s surgery is very much at the heart of the community and it is somewhere that everyone in the area is familiar with and somewhere they visit often. This is why it can be a great idea to have a wall dedicated to local artists and their work. You can hang these pieces on the wall and every so often rotates them to show off local talent in the community. This is a good way to add colour and personality to the room and spark up a conversation.

Make it modern

A good way to change the dynamic of a doctor’s office is to bring it into the 21st century and make it look more modern. A doctor’s surgery for most of us is a place with white walls and horrible carpet, and chairs which look about 40 years old. To change this you can use Medical fitouts to make the space more modern and sleek. A new cleaner room will look better and it will garner a different atmosphere from your patients.

Install a TV

A TV can be a handy piece of equipment to have in your doctor’s surgery because you can use it to show medical advice and news and it can flash up when someone is called for their appointment. It will make life easier for you and it can make the surgery more efficient and homely.

Bring in lots of light

Light has a massive effect on people’s moods and if you really want to make the surgery feel happier and more optimistic, you’ll want to have ample light. If you can, floor to ceiling windows are ideal and it will allow your patients to look out to their surroundings and distract themselves as they wait to be called up.

Have comfortable chairs

When it comes to the waiting room and making it better for your patients the best thing you can do is invest in some good chairs. Comfortable chairs are more valuable than you would know and they really can make all the difference when you come to waiting around for a while for your appointment.

Provide entertainment

Waiting for the doctor can be boring, especially when it is a busy time of day and many other people are also waiting around. This is why it can be great to have some entertainment for your patients before they go in. This can include having toys for children in a small play area and having books and magazines for the adults as well as adult colouring books or puzzles to try.

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