Dr. Kem: Qualified for Victory

Tomorrow, we bid farewell to a Phenomenal Woman who has impacted so many lives including mine and created a movement of a Healthy Lifestyle and deep inside, I know what she would expect from all of us at her homegoing but I must confess that the opposite will/might happen on the day and I apologise in advance but in all – we will applaud & salute the legend and woman of substance that she is and was. Cause on Sunday, the 11th of September, we lost Nkemakonam Ezeilo or Dr. Kem to the dreadful thing called cancer. A disease that she fought with all her might and use that illness to teach us how to live in the NOW and POSITIVE.

There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe Nkem but in her passing – I was ta11147162_10153699852249914_4281462742149274687_nught to stand by what I believe and make a difference in people’s lives by leaving a positive legacy. That she did…. Once the news of her passing hit Facebook, it was flooded with tributes from all walks of life and I really don’t think she knew how much she touched lives but then again, knowing Nkem and her huge boost of positivity and confidence, I am sure she did and now thinking – Mission Accomplished!

Dr. Kem was a Multi-Award Winning  Family DoctorKeynote SpeakerHealthy Lifestyle Coach and Author who was very passionate about teaching people on how to prevent and reverse chronic illnesses (e.g: Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Raised Cholesterol, Obesity, Arthritis, etc) using Healthy Lifestyle habits and helping them implement the Lifestyle changes.

She was dubbed the ‘Motivational Medic‘ by the press and was acknowledged as an emerging Leading Authority in the field of Healthy Lifestyle Medicine. She was also dubbed “The Drug-free Family Doctor” (“The Drug-free GP”) for her proven results in treating chronic conditions with healthy lifestyle changes and she walked in that theory. 

She has helped hundreds of people experience positive results in their health such as reduced cholesterol, normalised blood sugar levels, weight loss (or weight gain if underweight.), normalised blood pressure, and so much more – all without medication.

Dr. Kem ran a Private Lifestyle Medicine Clinic in London’s Harley Street – The Healthy Lifestyle Clinic and was very passionate about sharing practical Healthy Lifestyle principles which empower people to take control of their lives and stop being dependent on drugs, fad diets or other gimmicks for their health.

12742517_10153956379544914_2654283935725067172_nShe was an accomplished author and has written several books including one hardback that’s gaining popularity worldwide – “Inspirational Blueprints for Personal Success for Women” – available in all good bookshops and online on amazon.co.uk and www.doctorkem.com . She was in the process of finishing off her next strategy book to be titled: A Practical Healthy Lifestyle.

To be around Nkem, one had to constantly have a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) as she would not tolerate any less on that. She was very passionate about Empowering Women, demanded it and earned the respect of all that knew her as it became her Purpose and Mission Statement to educate people on how to overcome any situation with your mindset.

Dr. Kem’s PURPOSE:

“To educate,  inspire and challenge everyone I meet to realise the innate power within each one, through which truly, ALL things are possible in every area of life – health a12313771_10153781704239914_2516488316828430116_nnd otherwise. To help people THINK differently in order to achieve different outcomes in life.”

“To provide practical, usable information to help people prioritise and improve their health, for if you do not make time NOW for Healthy lifestyle Habits, you will be FORCED to make time for disease sooner or later. Fact. Outward health is a manifestation of your inner world so I teach you how to master the inner world.”

“To positively impact each person I come across so that each life is better for my having been a part of it.”


For Women: “To inspire, educate, encourage and challenge women to be overcomers in every area, to be victors not victims, to manifest their fullest potential spiritually, emotionally,  physically, socially and financially”

For Men, Women, Youth: “To inspire , teach, challenge all to achieve optimal health by first changing the way they THINK about their health, then following through by putting into ACTION proven, evidence-based healthy lifestyle principles, and to excel in their personal and professional lives. To teach people how to Treat The Cause of dise14232456_10154396656806063_6397747071341610491_nase (thus reversing it), rather than just symptoms.

“To do this by providing practical, evidence-based, RESULT-oriented, usable information, tips, techniques and strategies through various media: Information products such as books, articles, seminars/workshops, keynote speeches, consultations live  or virtual – using available appropriate multimedia technology to effectively reach the most number of people in the least amount of time.”

It always baffled me on how she had the strength, given her health challenges to still reach out to others and give a word of encouragement or a bucket full of truth medicine. She made us search and push ourselves to be the best that we can be and that is why she will never be forgotten.

One thing that I admire about her was her heart for being grateful and understanding that positivity overrides any illness or challenges to come and it worked for her. But then on that Sunday evening, God decided that her work/race on earth has been accomplished and thus called her home to rest.

So to you Dr. Kem/Nkem: I bid you farewell on earth and welcome back to our Father above. It 14330155_10209779879350065_2450949038925685482_nsurely was a privilege and honour to have known you and I promise you that I will ensure to constantly be in that Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) state of mind, no matter what the situation ends up being.

La nu udo ezigbo nwanyi aka Agu Nwanyi (I carry that name with pride even more now).

Yours in love – The Renaissance Lady © aka Agu Nwanyi


The Renaissance Lady

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