Finding ‘The One’ in Business

Tips on how a perfect partnership can secure your success.

Can you imagine years of teamwork, planning, dreaming and scheming in your own business with a partner? Of boosting each other’s confidence and believing in each other’s ideas.

Do you have THE business idea but require a partner to make IT work.

Questions are constantly being thrown at successful entrepreneurs who have made it in society – when’s the right time to start a business; “most response are whether they have raised finance/proved their model/sussed out the competition, whether they are working with a business partner or going it alone?”

But as sourced via Stylist; if you want to call the shots, stay solo. If teamwork and moral support are what you cherish most, that’s unlikely to change.


– If you talk enough with friends and colleagues about your business ideas, you’ll soon meet like-minded souls.

– Look for differences, not similarities. Holly knew I could do things she couldn’t, and vice versa.

– Choosing a colleague-turned-friend is much better than trying to turn a friend into a colleague.


– Set acid tests. Do you know each other’s strengths and weaknesses? Do they complement each other, or will you be fighting over the same turf while other things get neglected?

– Ask awkward questions. We did this early on, via a huge questionnaire. How much money do you want to make? How hard do you want to work? Who’s in charge? Questions that become a lot more awkward a few years later.

– Be sure you share the same big vision and long-term plan: sharing only a dream to get rich just won’t cut it.

– Regroup regularly and communicate. This might be having daily and weekly meetings.

If you’re fortunate enough to find the yin to your yang, grab them with both hands – the effect on your business can be electric.

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