Food Alert: The Great Indian Vegetable Scam

download-2I came across a video via FaceBook which caused a great deal of concern to me. You seen recently, my friends and I have been analysing why cancer is on the rampant even with the healthy lifestyle that is being undertaken by many these days. I came to the conclusion that the rise in cancer is partly due to the kind of food that we pursue these days in view of the healthy lifestyle that we so crave. But we sometimes fail to question the quality of the ‘so-called fresh food’ and its origin before it enters our food stores or supermarkets.

Over the past few weeks, I have seen load of video clips about processed meat, fruits, beverages and even rice which has left me soooo worried and (for lack of a better saying) – putting myself on an involuntary food strike while I source what I am eating via the contents.

Well back to the video clip: I quickly searched (journalistic tendencies) via my ever-faithful friend called ‘Google’ to source its origin and found it on this site – 101 India (STORYTELLERS OF A NEW GENERATION) and panic attack set in. What have I been eating and for how long? Paranoia now in full effect: I can still hear my mum’s voice… ‘Hmmmm this girl – where did you buy that from and did you check the ingredients use to make it or the expiry date?’ Mum, you are so right even though I hate to admit it!

According to the video via also titled The Great Indian Vegetable Scam – it exposes on what farmers are doing to make stale veggies look fresh. The shocdownloadking revelations of a vegetable farmer just outside New Delhi who shows the additives, injections and sprays used to make old vegetables look fresh. And according to him, he isn’t the only one. All farmers do this, he says. With rising inflation and families to feed, he says poor farmers such as himself are left with no option when consumers reject even fresh, hygienic vegetables. 

Silicone spray makes the vegetables look shiny and fresh, even when it’s actually a few days old. Malachite green, a manufacturing dye, is added to green vegetables to make them look more vibrant, attractive and fresh. Oxytocin injections are pumped directly into vegetables like bottle gourd, making them swell in size overnight. What would otherwise have taken a week to mature, is now ready to be shipped to the market overnight.

There are loads of people out there dying of cancer and other incurable diseases so next time you reach for the biggest, shiniest or freshest looking vegetable or fruit or meat on the cart, think about what may have been added to it. I ponder upon the scripture – ‘1 Corinthians 6:19-20′: 19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies. And after viewing some of these disturbing video clips and having done my research, I have decided that part of my daily mantra is to ensure that I monitor what my son and I feed our body and soul.

download-1Disclaimer: please note that this is not targeting at India as a country but rather at how many countries are putting the whole world at risk by using banned or dangerous chemicals on food which are then exported.

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