Friendship Expectations

This is a short blogpost but it has truly got me pondering on people and relationships or rather expectation on friendships.

So my dear friend RiRi Okoye of had a FaceBook post on friendships and the high expectations that comes with it (YouTube clip) and it got me thinking, which I have been doing alot on evaluating friendships and classifying what or who makes a friend or rather a REAL Friend.

Recently there was a scenario with a certain friend who invited some of us back to her house after her child’s party then proceeded to say (not politely mind you ?) that she expects us all to clean up her house before we leave as she does because (according to her), does not want an untidy house. Well, I never – I had to gently bind my mouth from saying what my spirit was really wanting to speak out so decided to be the bigger person and help out a little bit; that was until she snapped at some of the other ladies. That attitude was my clue to up and leave so I decided to make my exit. I have also seen other instances from other people having huge expectations on what is termed friendship.

That has got me thinking on whether people really look at friendships as coming with a lot of expectations, as per what they can get out of it. What happened to just being friends with no extra strings attached…

I have had the same core group of friends since the ages of 8/9 and although, we are now in our mid-40s (looking younger though, I must say ?) and living miles away from each other (in various countries and continents); we still maintain those relationships with no expectations apart from being real to each other and that is what is has made it last so long. Even the friendships I had made in my early twenties are still kicking with fun and spontaneity as gathered by the past few weeks that we have had. I love that environment where I can totally be myself without any airs or graces. And these friendships come with no pressure or expectations, just total realness (if there is such a word) and support for each other.

About a week ago, my BFF of over 35 years randomly sent this photo to me which totally sums up what our friendship is all about. We can go months without talking to each other or years of not seeing each other (different countries) but nothing changes when we make that odd contact. It goes to sum up that it takes maturity and wisdom to understand and maintain genuine friendships.

So let’s discuss how you value your friendships and whether you have ever placed expectations on any or all of them?

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