International Day of Purpose®

Created by@jovianzayne, the first-ever International Day of Purpose® was designed to inspire people to celebrate and activate the power of purpose.

At some point in our lives, we’ve all tried to be the best version of ourselves. We’ve considered how to get the most meaning out of life and pondered the timeless question, what is our purpose?

This year’s #DayofPurpose was on June 21, 2018, and people are encouraged to reflect on the power of their purpose, live with intention and share stories of how to live on purpose with the world by tagging them #DayofPurpose:

Whether you’re just starting to think about your purpose, or you’ve been living a purpose-oriented life for years, today is for YOU! It is for all of us.

On the International #DayofPurpose, the moral is to encourage each other to be our best selves, OnPurpose.  

The motive for International #DayOfPurpose is that we can examine our habits and see if they move us closer to our purpose or further away. And unlike the other days when we lived carelessly, we should be intentional and engage in behavior that allows us to use our authentic gifts to serve the world, OnPurpose.

So, how did YOU celebrate the International #DayofPurpose?

Tell us! Perhaps you simply took the time to reflect on your purpose. Or, perhaps you engaged in purposeful behaviors; like returning to the gym, updating your resume so you can work #OnPurpose, or finally signed up for the mentoring program you’ve been reading about.

Whatever you do or did, do it with no regrets, and do it OnPurpose.

Click on the link to sign, save and share the OnPurpose Pledge

Then follow the below steps to create YOUR OWN #DayOfPurpose Meme and share with the world 

1) Click on the “Social Media” template under “Create a design” on

2) Upload a photo of yourself living OnPurpose!

3) Upload the #DayOfPurpose template (here)

4) Fill in the blanks

5) Share your purpose on social media and tag: @DayOfPurpose& #DayOfPurpose

The Renaissance Journey continues …

Tell the world how you live #OnPurpose!

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Yours in love – The Renaissance Lady ©

The Renaissance Lady

As a Mompreneur & Lifestyle Blogger, I am constantly on the goal of being ready for the NEW re-birthing and renewing of Oneself as I believe we all have a purpose to fulfil on this earth and part of my mission is for us all to live a Purpose-Driven Life.

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