Kindness Advent Calendar 2016

The Christmas day countdown has started, festive lights adorn the shop and plans are being made across the world for the big day plus the shopping has already started.  Yea, I have even started my Christmas shopping (well as late it might be but I have started). But get ready for Poundland presents if you want to add yourself to the list.  

christmas-tree-presents-1When I was a little girl, Christmas was one of the most important holidays of the year because apart from the celebration of birth of Jesus Christ – it was also the time of family get-togethers and you could hear the songs of Jim Reeves and laughter around the house but I am somewhat saddened by the spirit of Christmas these days. Where has the kindness and joy of Christmas gone? It seems to be so commercialised that young people only care for the materials things received and not the real joy and kindness behind the season.

So here are a few random acts of kindness that can be exhibited during the season of Christmas (go via my list or the attached pdf/photo): kindness-advent-calendar-2016-pdf

  • Give up your spot in line.
  • Donate money to an organization you participate in.
  • Pay for someone else’s coffee/tea/hot chocolate.
  • Tell jokes to make someone smile.
  • Donate food to your food bank.
  • Donate pet supplies to the shelter.
  • Help someone do a chore or other job.
  • Do yard work or shovel for a neighbour.
  • Donate books you no longer need.
  • Pick up litter.
  • Donate to a charity
  • Leave a food surprise for strangers to find.
  • Donate toys to a children’s hospital.
  • Donate a pair of new pyjamas for foster kids.
  • Put money in the Salvation Army bucket.
  • Make get well cards for someone who needs them.
  • Bring coffee to your teachers or co-workers.
  • Make holiday decorations for others.
  • Make ornaments for your neighbours.
  • Pray for your nation and the world – that the spirit of Christmas touches everyone


Always remember that Jesus is the Reason for the Season.

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