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1secretsalesSo I keep getting queries from friends and associates on where I source the things I wear and sell (yes, I have an online eBay Store called DiDi Biz – after all, I am a mompreneur). As a self-confessed shopaholic, one should not really give away such secrets but I feel that this is a viable & exciting portal to share with the public.

The portal is called (wait for it…) – they organise online sales of exclusive designer fashion brands. Designer clothes, designer handbags, designer t-shirts at low prices. is a members-only shopping club offering amazing prices on designer brands at up to 70% off. This technology business was founded in 2007 by brothers Nish and Sach Kukadia to shake up the online retail industry and give high street labels a way of selling out-of-season stock without devaluing their brand in the eyes of their consumers and is now regarded as  one of the largest flash discount websites in the UK.

2 imagesAs much as it might be tempting to keep the discount designer hub a secret, it will not be fair to have and keep all those things designer and fabulous to myself so welcome to

You can join by clicking on this link

So there you have it, register (FREE) and enjoy the perks of shopping at a discounted price. And remember even though it is exclusive – it pays to share the good news with other friends and associates as well. Always remember: ‘sharing is caring

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