New Year, New Mindset: Positive Thinking To Support Your Resolutions

The new year is almost upon us, and chances are, you will be busy making your resolutions for the year ahead. And that’s great, you should, but within your resolutions, you might want to think about new mindsets as well. To give you a better chance at sticking with the resolutions you set, you should also adopt mindsets to go with each. This way, you will have a better chance of sticking to your annual goals.

Examples? Consider the following.

Resolution: I am going to give up bad habits

Mindset: My health is important to me

Your bad habits are so-called because they are bad for you. As you think about giving them up, adjust your mindset as well. Let your health be the impetus, keeping in mind the health outcomes that will be the consequence. Take the steps needed, such as taking up vaping instead of smoking – visit – and remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing, especially when you find yourself tempted to fall back into old ways.

Resolution: I will make more time for me

Mindset: I deserve to be happy

You can’t be selfish with all of your time – you might be a wife, mother, and friend, with all of the demands on your time that this entails. However, there is more to you than these labels. You are your own person, so while you might take steps to make other people happy, you still deserve to find time for your own needs; doing those things that will make you happy. By doing so, you will both avoid burnout and have a more fulfilled year ahead. So, care for yourself, find those things that will offer you a sense of personal contentment, and remind yourself why you are creating more me-time: it’s because you deserve it!

Resolution: I will try new things

Mindset: I am capable and able to learn

Our targets at the start of the year are often are promises to do something ‘new.’ These things often threaten to push us out of our comfort zones, and for this reason, we can back down from doing them through fear and hesitation. Instead of doing something new, we continue to do the same old things because we feel safer. However, consider who you are. Think about your many abilities. Keep in mind your many achievements; how you have succeeded in the past, after doing things you never thought possible. You are a capable person because you have already proven it to yourself. You are able to learn because you have already learned so much in your life. Keep these things in mind when you consider the things you would like to do in the new year, especially when your nerves threaten to get the better of you.

So, what about you? Can you apply positive mindsets to accompany your new year resolutions? Think about your goals, and then adjust your thinking to help you meet them. As we said, you stand a better chance of achieving your resolutions if you do.

We wish you a very happy and successful new year, whatever that means to you!

Hopefully, this has made the decision an easier one to make!

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    Yvonne I love the idea of deserving happiness. We all do on such a deeper level.

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