NO to Rape!!!

So much has happened in the past week that I feel 2020 has completely lost its original significance of ‘perfection’ – ((get it 2020 as per perfect vision (NOT)).

Along with dealing with the callous murder of George Floyd last Monday at the hands of derek chauvin and the other 3 police officers in the US who have now been arrested and convicted. #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #SayHisName

Back in Nigeria (my home country); I have heard countless stories of young ladies being raped or gang-raped: Uwa, Tina, Jennifer, Bello Barakat and Shomuyiwa Azeezat. Uwa was murdered with the offenders not arrested yet and Jennifer’s 5 rapists were captured then later released from custody.

As you may have guessed by now, this has caused such a big uproar back in Nigeria as it’s become so apparent that as a woman, we live in a society that constantly reminds us that we are seen as not being human enough. For every pain and violence against our bodies, society always finds an excuse of why it happened. Justice to/for a woman is a foreign concept that seems far-fetched. Being a woman means fighting for your life every day, living in fear of what might happen. We are not safe in our homes, in the churches, at our workplace and even in the streets, we are still not safe.

When a woman has been raped, society tries to get smart about what happened to her; like ascribing rape to how she was dressed, how drunk she was and the people she was with, forgetting that at the crux of the matter is rape, lies consent. Women have been made to feel guilty of how we dress, who we decide to associate with and how we choose to have fun by the same society that views rape as a normal culture. In Africa, especially my Nigeria – the guilt of a rape victim is much to speak on! The rape culture is unreal but real for the victim.

Rape culture is the normalisation of rape in our society. Rape culture is violence against a woman’s body. Rape culture is when we say to a child “do not report it, it is an embarrassment to the family”. Rape culture is victim-blaming. Rape culture is when we question the victim if she’s sure she got raped or was it just rough sex. Rape culture is when we say to a married woman he did not rape you, you are his wife therefore he is entitled to have sex with you. Rape culture is when we ask a victim whether she screamed or not? Rape culture is when we say your “NO” was not strong enough as if there is a measurement of how a “NO” should be. And I am TIRED of IT – I am SICK and TIRED of being SICK and TIRED!!!

It’s about time that society rises up to the state that rape culture can only end when women are made to not feel ashamed for reporting rape because people in society tend to throw comments as to how she was dressed; rape culture will end when society stops teaching males that a woman’s body is their property to own and a woman is there to satisfy men sexually – this starts from their home (parents need to educate their young males about women and consent to sex); rape culture will stop when society stops justifying men’s brutality against women’s bodies; rape culture will end the day we dismantle patriarchy. And that’s a FACT!!!

We are frustrated and dying because of rape culture. We are suffocating because of patriarchy. Well, ENOUGH is ENOUGH and the Global Cry will be HEARD and HEARD LOUD ENOUGH 🗣🔊🗣🔊🗣🔊

The Renaissance Journey continues …

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