Poetry Archives: Love holds no Boundaries

Truth! One boy, One girl.
Unbeknown to them with a shared family history.
Same father, different mothers.
Met on the streets, interacted, exchanged numbers.
Fell in love within a month, did the deed within three.
What just happened?
An abomination – unheard of in society!
Incense – a taboo – unspoken word!
A major outrage – unspeakable!
“However we are in love”, they say.
How wrong were they?
Who said that love supersedes all, they lied.
Who said that love was meant to be free, they lied.
But you cannot control your heart or can you now?
Truth! Love is a key!
You can either open your heart to the world,
Or shut and suppress it.
You can also protect yourself from life problems.
It’s your choice after all.
But lessons to be learned – let the truth be known.
Love sure doesn’t hold any Boundaries!

The Renaissance Lady

As a Mompreneur & Lifestyle Blogger, I am constantly on the goal of being ready for the NEW re-birthing and renewing of Oneself as I believe we all have a purpose to fulfil on this earth and part of my mission is for us all to live a Purpose-Driven Life.

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