V- Vigilant; I-Intercessor; R-Resourceful; T-Trustworthy; U-Understanding; O-Obedient; U-Unique; S-Submission 

W-Wise; O-Overcomer; M-Motherly; A-Affectionate; N-No-Nonsense

Who am I?
I am that Woman walking with confidence. I am that Woman filled with knowledge and wisdom. I am that Woman that overcame all to be free. I am that Woman filled with creativity. I am Daughter of Zion.

Who am I?I am that Woman with grace. I am that Woman – the leader of all. I am that Woman that walks in the realm of life. I am that Woman that walks with assurance. I am Phenomenal. I am Daughter of Ruth.

Who am I?I am that single Woman fully enjoying her singleness. I am Separate; I am Unique. I am Whole; I am Exquisite. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am Daughter of many nations.

Who am I?I am that Woman worth more than money can buy. My price is far above rubies. I am the Nubian Queen. I am the Beloved of all. I am that Virtuous Woman that they all seek. I am Daughter of my mother. But more than that, I am so proud to be ME!

Dedicated to: All women striving to be that Proverbs 31 Woman. Be Virtuous, Unique, Whole but most of all, be YOU!

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Yours in love – The Renaissance Lady © 

The Renaissance Lady

As a Mompreneur & Lifestyle Blogger, I am constantly on the goal of being ready for the NEW re-birthing and renewing of Oneself as I believe we all have a purpose to fulfil on this earth and part of my mission is for us all to live a Purpose-Driven Life.

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