Reachable Resolutions for 2017

151230-newyearsresolution-stockAs I have always said, I do not make resolutions but rather I have a list of manifestos close to my heart which I review on a monthly basis. However, I cannot deter that majority of today’s society have resolutions (whether realistic or not) so I am here to simplify your lives and give you 7 reachable resolutions for 2017:

Shape Up: You do not have to pay tons of money to join the gym. Why not take walks in the morning to work or late evenings or even weekends? I got myself the amazing Fitbit Alta and I walk to work daily which takes 30 minutes each way and I love it – the fresh air and loads of deep thinking and clarity makes my day during those walking sessions. My daily walk target is 8000 steps and I achieve more than that daily but I am still looking to increase on that target. Another thing I have determined to do and I am proud to still keep at it is taking the stairs instead of lifts at work (at first, it was torture – kinda is still). It all started when the work lift was out of service but it has been back now for almost a month and I still take the stairs which gets easier with each day. So my advice to you all is to keep at it cause hard-work does pays off.

esfj-keep-calm-and-do-it-in-style-men-s-hoodie_designDo It In Style: Style is much more character than clothes, more attitude than affluence. It’s you making visible your inner self. Style is personal and goes way beyond fashion; it is an individually distinctive way of putting ourselves together. It is a way of capturing something vibrant, making a statement about ourselves in clothes. So what is your style: Chic, Casual, Exotic, Glamorous, Artsy, Bohemian, Sporty, Classic, Flamboyant, Romantic, Sexy, Sophisticated, Western, Traditional, Preppy, Punk, Tomboy, Rocker, Goth. There was a time when style was a luxury. Today it is a necessity. Make a statement with your style and no apologies at all.

Get Organised and Plan Ahead: Learning how to be organised is crucial if we are to live a less-stressed life. Affording yourself time to plan will pay off in the future. You’ll make sure that you are staying on track with your goals and you can ensure that you become more task-oriented. Being organised is one of the most effective skills a person can acquire to achieve success. When we’re organised, we think more clearly. We’re in tune with our targets and how to reach them. We have systems in place for carrying out our work – and regular planning ensures we keep priorities at the forefront. I make my notes/plans the day before which I I tend to use my various calendars on highlight to remind me when I get into work – this is continuously amended. I tend to use various note-keeping and organising apps on my iPhone but I also have a notebook by filofax where I keep the written notes. My life has been so much better since I mastered the art of being organised and I guess being in the project management field also helps…

downloadBroaden Your Horizons: To broaden your horizons means to learn or experience something that you may have never done before. It could also mean to open yourself up to new ideas or something that helps you gain more experience in something –  thinking out of the usual norm or box. An example to broaden one’s horizon is travelling. It’s a great idea for people to travel because it can really expand their horizons.  Also reading books help broaden horizons more than anything because they really help you to find new ways of looking at the world. There is also TED Talks of which I attend TEDxEuston where so many inspirational thinkers share their ideas with the rest of the world. Another useful tip is learning new language of which there are free apps on iTunes like Dudlingo or Busuu which allow you learn basic languages and a host of other activities. Remember that knowledge is Power.

Embrace Fun: Fun is enjoyment, amusement, or light-hearted pleasure. It is learning how to enjoy yourself wherever you are and whatever you are doing, no matter how stupid it might look. Never take life too seriously – live a little is one of my life mantras. Life is too short so embracing the fun side of life is crucial to longevity and the youth in you. What do you do to embrace fun at work or home? Do not forget the work mantra:  WORK, LIFE, BALANCE …

save-your-penniesSave Your Pennies: Can I get an Amen on this! This one tip is the most on everyone’s resolution list but how many have actually carried this out full term throughout the year. But there are many years of saving the pennies if you are serious: skip buying lunch at work and make lunch at home instead by planning ahead; Cut your home and mobile phone bills; Consider own-brand goods; Sell your clutter on eBay or Shpock; Use your talent to earn extra cash; Shop around for the cheapest household insurance; Avoid expensive days / evenings out; Walk/cycle to the station/work; Take up a money-saving hobby and a host of other cash-saving ways.

Enjoy a Getaway: Trips and vacations are supposed to fun-filled, memorable, and worth repeating whenever possible. It can be challenging to find time as life keeps getting in the way, but getting away for the weekend might be the solution that you’re looking for. A short weekend break can help you to inject some fun back into your life and give you the chance to spend some quality time away from the daily grind. Yes it’s not always affordable to book a weekend away, even though you’ll only be there for a few days. If you’re worried about how much it’ll cost, you can stop worrying on that front. You really don’t need to spend lots of money to enjoy a short break, because there are plenty of ways to get away on the cheap and still have a good time. Sites like kayak, city-breaks, sky-scanner, secret escapes and a host others. I am a confirmed WANDERLUST and travelling has helped me in various ways – expand my horizons, become more aware of other cultures and most importantly – rejuvenate.

So what is stopping you – go out and attain those reachable goals. Start Now!!!

Yours in love – The Renaissance Lady © 

The Renaissance Lady

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