Relationship Advice from Madea: Let em’ Go!

574b841561008191b7b8344ed424b39dSometimes, the TV shows speak to you: Tyler Perry’s show Madea is entertaining but there is always a word in season when carefully watched. Madea is a character developed by Perry based on his mother and aunt and from watching Eddie Murphy perform. In one of the old shows I watched this afternoon was ‘let em go‘ and even though, it was nothing new to what I already know – I kinda needed to hear it again. 

I noticed recently that as I began my self-development journey, it became more and more clear that my friendship with many people in my life was actually causing me more stress than joy. One of the hardest things in life is to let go of the people I love the most or thought I loved.

Letting go doesn’t have to be that hard, in fact, it becomes easier and easier as we learn to accept, appreciate and love ourselves for who we are and for who we are not. Releasing and letting go will help you return to a place of peace and tranquillity.

There comes a time in our lives when we have to do what’s right and to honour not only ourselves, but also the people around us. It’s the relationship that you are letting go of but not the love you have for the other person.

If you love something, if you love someone, and if you feel that you need to let go of them, if it’s required to let go, do it. It might hurt at first but once the pain is gone you will feel more alive than you have ever felt. You will start to see things from a totally different perspective and you will understand that letting go is a sign of strength, of courage and of great love.

You let go of someone not because you no longer care, not because you no longer need and want them in your life, but because you understand that they will be happier some-place else whilst you will be happy some-place else.

1135096363e6aaa0b7ed4c498104d5bbIf you haven’t found a way to be at peace with yourself, and if you haven’t found a way to be happy on your own, chances are that you won’t be happy next to the person you love either. You can’t expect to get from others what you yourself don’t have to offer. Love yourself. Be good to yourself.

A few suggestions listed below:

  • Meditate. Spend time alone. Take a walk and explore nature with your senses. 
  • Write about your thoughts and feelings.
  • Do something you’re passionate about.
  • Go out with your friends.
  • Laugh, dance, be silly, be weird, be playful, be childlike.
  • Do all the things that bring you joy and laughter.

Treat yourself with kindness, love and compassion and learn to express your gratitude for the many gifts life offered you up until this moment. This too shall pass and the more you learn to enjoy your own company, the more comfortable you will be with this idea of letting go and all of a sudden life will become a lot easier.

Why hold on to something good when life wants you to have something better? Are you holding on to something or someone you need to let go of? Why? What keep you from letting go?

But letting go of someone who has been a prominent fixture in your life is often no easy undertakingrebirth. As I continue to grow and flourish on my path, I have faced this challenge many times and now regard it as an important part of my self-care practice. I love having people in my life that are true partners with me on this wonderful journey which I have deemed the ‘renaissance journey – journey of rebirth‘.

It’s important that when we choose to release people from our lives that we are also doing our self-work so we can see why we attracted these people and what we can do to attract individuals who inspire, support and nourish us in the future.

Move on. Let ’em go. No matter how much it hurts, let ’em go.

Do you have experience in letting go of people who no longer serve your highest good? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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