Remembering the People’s Princess, Diana!

I cannot believe it has been almost two decades since Diana, Princess of Wales passed away. I clearly remember that day of 31 August 1997 (or evening) as I was back in New York and about to go out for the night with my brother when there was a newsflash that the Princess of Wales was gravely injured as a result of a car crash in Paris. I remember turning round to say to my brother that I am sure she will be okay, not knowing how gravely injured she was. Then as we opened the door to step out, the newsflash came again announcing her death. I froze and was so weak that I fell to the ground. I remember rushing to call my mother (back in London which was around past 4am UK time) to confirm the news and then she did. The tears came streaming down our faces – needless to say, our evening was now senseless to attend and cancelled. 

Dubbed the “people’s princess” by then Prime Minister Tony Blair, Diana’s death stunned the world. The atmosphere worldwide was solemn as we had lost an angel.

I really don’t want to get into details on what or who caused her death. I have my own reservations on that situation. But either way, whatever we all say caused her and Dodi Al Fayed’s death will not bring them back. From the shocking announcement of the news to her funeral procession lined by a million-strong crowd, that tumultuous week rocked Britain – and the monarchy.

So, 20 years on the anniversary of her death, tributes are being paid to Princess Diana. Princes William and Harry have been talking about the huge influence their mother had not just on their lives but on those of millions around the globe. 

Diana redefined and transformed the royal family. She has a unique ability to life and inspire those around her. Diana was never afraid to fly in the face of convention and take on the establishment if she thought it was worthwhile – as she did in the case of the helping those stricken with Aids and the landmine issues. Thanks to her example, the British royals today have become a family whose members talk publicly about their feelings, who laugh, cry and swear with their subjects. For the first time in history, the Royals have become relatable and more human. You can see that her unique drive to help the downtrodden has lived on in princes William and Harry.

Hello Magazine, in her memory has released its own special anniversary tribute to the People’s Princess. Focusing on the meaning of Diana’s legacy today, the collectors’ edition contains 148 pages of incredible pictures, anecdotes and first-person accounts from her friends, favourite designers and those who saw her close up at work with the sick and disadvantaged. You can order your copy HERE.

Today across the world, we fondly remembered Diana, Princess of Wales and I often think about what she might have gone on to do had her life not been cut tragically short.

Do state what your fondest memories are of Diana, Princess of Wales!

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