Have you ever heard the acronym for ‘J-O-B’ which stands for “Just Over Broke.” Food for Thoughts eh!

Funny how at the beginning of each year, we all get our financial planning caps on – making that claim to be financially free by end of the year. The question is: how many of us actually get to achieve that goal?

Earlier in the month, I was sent a FaceBook video clip titled  ‘Stop Going Broke Trying to Impress People’ by MJ Harris (an internationally recognized financial services CEO and motivational success teacher), which was to enable me on this financial journey (part of my yearly Manifesto) that I am on. I have to honestly say that watching the video clip spoke the truth on all sorts of level but the most important truth received was: Being Real to Myself!

My interpretation from watching the video (see below) was a summary of the ideology of money and its definition or purposed definition: ‘Poor is eternal, Broke is temporary’. Questions starting flowing through my mind querying whether we ever do get ‘broke’ or ‘poor’? Does such a word like ‘poor’ or ‘broke’ actually manifest itself in one’s life? Below are a few answers I sourced online:

  • Poor is a state of mind, broke is a state of wallet.
  • Poor is when you don’t know how to manage money, broke is when you go bankrupt because you can’t pay medical bills.
  • Poor people are always broke, broke people are broke for a while.

So my question is: are you tired of being poor or broke? There was a time I used to call those words like it was part of my daily vocabulary because I never had the financial education need to curb my lifestyle and needs (or should I say wants).

I can honestly say that I have never been poor but it has not been long since I have been ‘BROKE’ (actually as of last week, I was – hmmmm), and I can still remember exactly what it felt like. I can picture all the ugly details of the way I used to struggle; the empty bank account, the awkward moments, the feelings of despair and embarrassed to approach my family for help or even friends and keep up appearances so not to be ostracised. Well, truth be told again – I have not totally learned my lessons but step-by-step, I am getting there.

I recall Iyanla Vanzant during an affirmation session years ago encouraging us to substitute the word ‘broke’ to being ‘temporary out of money‘. That changed my mindset in ways I cannot even describe. Broke is how much you keep and not how much you make? I made up my mind that for the rest of my life, I have to continue to increase wealth and leave a legacy so my mindset is being tuned to challenging myself financially like cutting off unnecessary expenses (for starters).  Being temporary out of money has given me an entirely different perspective on cash flow, debt, and my own financial well-being. I have learned that there is a big difference between looking like ‘you have money’ and ‘actually having money’.

IMG_8700When I was younger, I took the concept of lifestyle inflation to a whole new level. Shopping was my ‘middle name’. I just knew I had to have the best things in life (no matter the cost) but as I became a mother, I had to learn about living within my means and the real-life consequences of unplanned purchases (well another truth be told – this is still a constant challenge). And most importantly, I have become willing to do anything and everything to make sure that I will never be broke AGAIN. And YES, I must confess that I have failed on numerous occasions since becoming an adult but some of the lessons from that part of my life have stuck with me.

My target to be completely out of DEBT is by April 2018 and quite frankly, once I am out of debt, I have made a pledge never to put myself in that situation again. I made myself a promise to rise above my situation and start with a clean slate. And I am doing just that. 

Have you ever been flat broke? If so, what did you learn from it? 

Share your thoughts about in the comments below.

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Sincere apologies as I have been offline lately dealing with very challenging issues and drowning in self-pity that nearly saw me tearing out my beautifully made hair amongst others things. For the past few weeks, I had been so bogged down with worrying about anything and everything, so much that it was affecting my mood swings and I completely cut off from people.

Within my inner circle, it is known that I am the queen of ‘worrying’. I reckon that I have spent an awful lot of time in my life worrying about first impressions, insecurities (check out an old post: My Skin, My Life!!!), political correctness, marital issues, family pinions, son’s education and health, work and business deadlines, blogging topics, rising household, childcare and travel prices, job/financial security and ever-shrinking budgets, which in turns gets me even more
worried about bills and expenses. And yes, I have been known to have panic or anxiety attacks during this period but not to the point of really losing sleep or developing an ulcer, a headache, or high blood pressure. But Worrying is Worrying so it does not matter what level it is on.

Let’s just define what is worry?  ‘Worry’ is thoughts, images, and emotions of a negative nature in a repetitive, uncontrollable manner. As an emotion such as “worry” is experienced from anxiety or concern about a real or imagined issue, often personal issues such as health or finances, or external broader issues such as environmental pollution, social structure or technological change. It’s a natural response to anticipated future problems.

Psychologists have often claimed that women are more likely than men to develop anxiety disorders, a fact which is attributed to a range of biological, psychological, and cultural factors. This predisposition inclines women to worry more than men about things like social problems, work, finances-even about
worry itself, which they have termed ‘meta-worry’.

Worry affects us mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and strangles our peace of mind and enjoyment of life. There seems to be a direct connection between fear and worry and sometimes they may be interchangeable.

Over the span of my lifetime, I can say that worrying has accounted for hours and hours of invaluable time that I’ll never get back. During one of my choir team fellowship session with a friend, it was highlighted to me that when I worry, it means that I do not trust God to do His job which is being the solver of all problems, challenges or whatever we want to call it. So, going-forward, I have decided that I would like to spend trusting The Father and leaning on Him for all and learn to spend my time more wisely and more enjoyable.

Well, like the previous worrisome Yvonne, if you’re not convinced yet to give up your worrying, here are four biblical reasons not to worry and just focus on the goals ahead:

Worrying Accomplishes Absolutely Nothing.

  • I don’t know about you, but I don’t have any time to waste these days. And worrying is a waste of very precious time. Worrying won’t help you solve a problem or bring about a solution, so why waste your time and energy on it?
    • Matthew 6:27-29: Can all your worries add a single moment to your life? And why worry about your clothing? Look at the lilies of the field and how they grow. They don’t work or make their clothing, yet Solomon in all his glory was not dressed as beautifully as they are. (NLT)

Worrying is Not Good for You.

  • Worrying is destructive to us in many ways. It becomes a mental burden that can even cause us to grow physically sick.
    • Proverbs 12:25: Worry weighs a person down; an encouraging word cheers a person up. (NLT)

Worrying is the Opposite of Trusting God.

  • The energy that we spend worrying can be put to much better use in prayer. Here’s a little formula to remember: Worry replaced by Prayer equals Trust.
    • Matthew 6:30: And if God cares so wonderfully for wildflowers that are here today and thrown into the fire tomorrow, he will certainly care for you. Why do you have so little faith? (NLT)
    • Philippians 4:6-7: Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus. (NLT)

Worrying Puts Your Focus in the Wrong Direction.

  • When we keep our eyes focused on God, we remember his love for us and we realize we truly have nothing to worry about. God has a wonderful plan for our lives, and part of that plan includes taking care of us. Even in the difficult times, when it seems like God doesn’t care, we can put our trust in the Lord and focus on his kingdom. God will take care of our every need.
    • Matthew 6:25: That is why I tell you not to worry about everyday life-whether you have enough food and drink, or enough clothes to wear. Isn’t life more than food, and your body more than clothing? (NLT)
    • Matthew 6:31-33: So don’t worry about these things, saying, ‘What will we eat? What will we drink? What will we wear?’ These things dominate the thoughts of unbelievers, but your heavenly Father already knows all your needs. Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need. (NLT)
    • 1 Peter 5:7: Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you. (NLT)

Listen, it is human to worry, to fret, to fear something in the future but I have learnt during this season that one cannot let that over-shadow their life. Every problem or fear has a solution, as long as we remain positive, so Worry Not.

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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got Back in November 2017, I saw an Instagram post of a stunning little brown girl and I was so in awe that I went about searching for the source and lol, I came across @creativesoulphoto (the creative team behind the photoshoot). Needless to say, there were even more stunning photos of little brown girls & boys which left me totally speechless and proud. 

The depth and creativity shown through all the photos with the girls & boys looking so confident and radiating were just out of this world. It made me wish something like this was available when I was younger to help me feel more confident in my own skin as a brown girl then and even now, I see myself still trying to have more confidence in my beauty and ability as a woman of colour which is improving for me in this new season. 

For years, out in public, I walked with confidence but behind closed doors, I lived with such a big insecurity, ashamed of my brown (melanin) skin. Inwardly competing with my light-skinned sisters who got all the attention from the brothers and the world in general who saw them as the preferred type of what a Black person should be.

You see I was this skinny, lanky dark-skinned girl who was so conscious of not being pretty enough or sexy enough to be looked at. In school, I was forever skinny and this distressed me so much that I started breaking out in acne that carried on till my early adult years, and built a huge insecurity that grew to greater heights. I felt I had nothing within to use or gain popularity amongst the opposite sex. Then as I got older, I realised that I had the one power to attract the men which were my sensuality which worked well on them. But even though it worked on men – I still was in my feelings over my skin acceptance of being the ‘unattractive’ dark-skinned girl.

Then in college, I started dating a young man who happened to be a top black male model (at the time) and was constantly being ogled by other ladies. And even though, he was so into me, I was still conscious of all these light-skinned sistas wanting him; thus I ended up having this feeling that I was not good enough to be his lady. At this time, I had also added some weight and so went from a size 6/8 to a size 10/12 and was getting comfortable with the idea of now having flesh and liking cloths properly fitting. I loved that feeling of having curves and being admired for it. But still, behind the changes, the insecurity persisted.

One day, my then-boyfriend had a photo-shoot which I attended and when asked if I was a model by one of the photographers, he laughed and responded: “…no-one will ever have her as a model now, will they‘.” That comment triggered the insecurity even more that I swore to show him that I was also worthy of being an attractive brown-skinned girl that can model and so the journey of turning myself into that began. I walked into the ‘Laura Small Modeling Agency & Academy’ (back in Statford, London) and got hired onto their books. But to be included or selected for jobs, I started starving myself of food to fit into the norm of what agents and companies wanted. My starving eventually ended up with me being bulimic (which was one of the symptoms of models in the fashion industry)  and was a way I could maintain the required weight. (Thankfully, I am cured of that ailment and classify myself as a healthy eater now). But this was a way of life for me then and I could not shake it off as I had a point to prove. You see losing or failure was never an option – I needed to show him that his views or opinions did not matter and I was ready to damn any consequence that it might bring.

I ended up becoming a fashion and beauty model who was sought after but that came with even more insecurities. The tales of not being too slim or being too heavy or being too dark or not being the lighter complexion needed for that job. The list goes on and competitiveness to win a casting was the name of the game. Aww, the perils of wanting something but never truly enjoying it was torture. Do not get me wrong, there were huge perks with modelling like ‘money’, ‘gifts’, ‘being recognised’ amongst others but still, my insecurity of being brown-skinned and not attractive enough persisted.

Well, after so many years of disliking my skin, I met an amazing person who taught me to open up and accept Me for who I was. He made me see my SELF_WORTH. I was his Queen and he ensured that I heard it daily. I would also see women like myself, who were so confident in their natural beauty; and honestly Black women all around the world who do not allow, whitewashed beauty standards to curve their confidence!  Eventually, I grew into the notion that I am uniquely created with this precious ‘melanin’ that is sought after by others. My melanin skin glistens in the light and sparkle like diamonds, so why would I want to change to fit a norm. I was and still am GOOD Enough!

I feel like I had to unlearn a lot of things in my life to feel fully confident in my beauty. So it’s refreshing to see young Black girls and women embody what it means to feel confident at an age when I suppressed my own and this is extremely beautiful.

The moral of the story is: Be comfortable in the Skin that you were BORN in … It’s YOURS to carry with Care & Pride!

So here’s to you, @creativesoulphoto: thank you for allowing little brown kids see the beauty in themselves, through the lens and allowing us to appreciate that even more.

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Welcome to Part 8 of our Healthier 2017 Lifestyle and I hope you have been enjoying this amazing discovery of using food as smoothies and the benefits to this healthier journey of oneself. Again as derived from curejoy.com:

71. Antioxidant-Rich-Goji-Gruel: Similar to the benefits you get from eating other berries, goji berries are loaded with beta-carotene (a pigment found in plants and fruits) which helps promote healthy skin. Goji berries have also been known to help boost the immune system and protect the eyes — talk about a super fruit.

72. Blood-Purifying-Stinging-Nettle-Herb-Joy: Stinging nettle is: diuretic, astringent, pectoral, anodyne, tonic, rubefacient, styptic, anthelmintic, nutritive, hermetic, anti-rheumatic, anti-allergenic, decongestant, expectorant, anti-spasmodic, and anti-histamine, anti-lithic/lithotrophic, herpetic, galactagogue, and an anti-histamine.

73. Brain-Booster: Warding off heart disease. The blueberry’s fiber, potassium, folate, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and phytonutrient content, coupled with its lack of cholesterol, all support heart health. The fiber in blueberries helps lower the total amount of cholesterol in the blood and decrease the risk of heart disease.

74. Collagen-Building-Cream-of-Cantaloupe: Cantaloupe has lots of folic acid that is very important for regeneration of dead cells. This aspect is especially useful for pregnant women. This property of quicker regeneration also helps in giving a healthy skin. It keeps wrinkles at bay, maintains the skin elasticity and helps in collagen synthesis and thus has anti-aging properties.

75. Energizer-Sun-Shine-Smoothie: Research has shown antioxidant compounds in mango fruit have been found to protect against colon, breast, leukemia and prostate cancers. These compounds include quercetin, isoquercitrin, astragalin, fisetin, gallic acid and methylgallat, as well as the abundant enzymes.

76. Fat-Loss-Raspberry-Shortbread-Smoothie: As the name suggests, raspberry ketone comes from the fruit and is, in fact, the primary compound responsible for a raspberry’s sweet smell.

77. Flavonoids-for-Kids: Apples are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals to keep your little ones healthy. Apples contain the same amount of fiber as a bowl of bran cereal and probably appeal to your child’s taste buds a little bit more.

78. Georgia-Peach-Skin-Rejuvenator: One of the major health benefits of peaches is for skin care. It’s a great source of Vitamin C which is widely used for skin care. You can get plenty of Vitamin C from a large peach. Apart from health benefits, you can directly use peaches for skin care such dark circles and wrinkles.

79. Healing-Hemp-Smoothie: Hemp Seeds are a perfect and natural blend of easily digested proteins, essential fats (Omega 3 & 6), Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), antioxidants, amino acids, fiber, iron, zinc, carotene, phospholipids, phytosterols, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin D, vitamin E, chlorophyll, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, copper, potassium, phosphorus, and enzymes. All amino acids essential to optimum health are found in Hemp Seeds, including the rarely found Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA).

80. Healing-Tropical-Tango: According to new research study, mango fruit has been found to protect against colon, breast, leukemia and prostate cancers. Several trial studies suggest that polyphenolic anti-oxidant compounds in mango are known to offer protection against breast and colon cancers.

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I have tried to stay away from American politics even though I am so opinionated about this ‘thing’ called ’45’. But listening to trump’s comments at yesterday’s press conference was a total disgrace to Americans and The World as a whole. His responses in relation to the incident that happened in Charlottesville, Virginia during the violent white supremacist rally over the weekend (where one person was killed and dozens injured) was just unbelievable, despicable and not acceptable at all in any shape or manner. Note that this is the follow-up to his initial response which came 2 days later… 

Well, lil man and I whilst on our way to Central Park that afternoon came across a protest in response to the fascism that happened in Charlottesville and especially due to trump’s lack of speedy response (seeing that his hands type faster than he thinks). So in light of that, we felt it was the brotherly & British thing to do and join the protest by showing our support to our Americans counterparts on what a disgraceful man they have as their leader: a man who does not represent their views or morals …

Yesterday, I was speechless and that’s all I could say. But for how long will it be …?

How long will it take for this man to be removed from the office (that was so sacred to the world) which has now been abused since he came into power.

  • What president gives white supremacy, alt-right and neo-nazis the benefit of the doubt by subtling endorsing them?
  • What president lies through his teeth as if he is slipping water and expects you to accept his lies without questioning?
  • What president claims that the white supremacy, alt-right and nazis groups were partially to blame for the disgraceful disturbance at Charlottesville?
  • What president speaks unfiltered without any remorse to a country which he is supposed to lead?
  • What president gives white supremacists an unequivocal boast in this era in America?

I guess this type of secret messaging was a way for trump to signal his continued support without playing into “MSM (mainstream) media” narratives. On Saturday, he did not denounce the racist mob about the events that unfolded after hundreds of neo-Nazis, white supremacists and Ku Klux Klan members first marched through the city. Instead, he blamed “many sides” for the violence without specially identifying any group. These people support ideas which cost the nation and world so much pain, and yet, he sees nothing wrong with that…

Then yesterday, he turned around and said that counter-protesters did not have proper permits to march and claiming there were good people “on both sides.” The words spilled from his mouth apparently left his WH staff so stunned. As part of a quick PR strategy, I would have thought it will be wise to fly down to Charlottesville to weather the storm of the city and the nation but according to White House officials, there are no plans for ’45’ to visit. Instead of constantly attacking the press (which should be his constant companion at this stage in his seemingly failed leadership), he should step back and listen as they have covered years of other presidents and know the game to help the leaders win over the country.

So until trump hastily calls out racism as a systemic issue in all scenarios instead of the moral failing of a few individuals (as he frequently does), his responses will always be too little too late for the country to accept.

So my advice to ’45’; take time out to study past presidents and their diplomacy and you ‘might’ see yourself admired and respected but then again, going by your business history and presidential history so far, I doubt it…

So again, back to my question: how long will it be …?

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As derived from the title of one of Drake’s songs (clean version): “started from the bottom, now we are here …

This is true to my stance on life. You see, starting any project from the bottom-up as is humbling as it takes one back to their original beginning. True Lessons Learned: once you start anything from the bottom-up, you can never go wrong as those initial memories tend to keep you focused and on track 👆🏾.

So my Beloveds ❤️, keep your eyes on the goal and always remember to smile through it all 😁

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So the beginning of the week which was July 31st, was a special day in my life; it was my birthday or as my one of my special aunt will say; ‘my earth day’ which signified a new season and new beginning – a new year.

But this year has been different from the other previous years that even friends and family were puzzled at my non-excitement which was somewhat worrying. You see, I am known for truly celebrating my birthday every year ever since I was a young girl but I was not anticipating anything special this year nor did I want to celebrate the day. All I wanted to do was just say a little gratitude prayer and just curl in bed with my son. Was that too hard to ask for? 

At times during the course of 2017, it has been difficult to remain centred in this spirit of gratitude for all things big or small that I have experienced this year. I even have to admit that at a certain point, I was all but ready to throw up both my hands in total frustration. But then I was reminded to be grateful for life and the successes that I have experienced and regardless of the losses that have affected me this year – I should look at the positive outlook and second chance that life has given me. I was reminded that life is cyclical and nothing is permanent and so should be able to withstand life’s changing winds with the same resilience that I have seen from those I admire.

That no matter what, through-out this interesting journey, I have learnt that ‘this too shall pass me by’ and so cannot let my downs over-ride my highs. So coming up to my special day; I chose to let those healing words, hugs, smiles and gestures heal and restore me coupled with the grace of God. I chose to look at my life and be grateful that He still has me on earth to do the work I have been assigned so I cannot quit now. 

That being said, I decided to celebrate my birthday with a dinner full of loved ones and was touched by the words expressed by each person on how I have impacted their lives. That made me once again believe in my purpose and gift so here’s a great Thank You to all family and friends walking this incredible journey of restoration with me. This ‘lady’ is back with the roaring spirit that she was born with. 

I am back y’all….

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Welcome to Part 7 of our Healthier 2017 Lifestyle and I hope you have been enjoying this amazing discovery of using food as smoothies and the benefits to this healthier journey of oneself. Again as derived from curejoy.com:

61. Peppermint-Grapefruit-Detox-Water: Grapefruit is an excellent source of vitamin C, a vitamin that helps to support the immune system. Vitamin C-rich foods like grapefruit may help reduce cold symptoms or severity of cold symptoms.

62. Probiotic-Guacamole-Spread: Sauerkraut isn’t just a topping for hot dogs, it is also a functional food with health benefits. Foods were originally fermented to help preserve them, but this isn’t the only benefit of fermented foods like sauerkraut, which is made by fermenting cabbage.

63. Blood-Pressure-Reducing-Ruby-Sunrise: Most of the benefits of carrots can be attributed to their beta carotene and fiber content. This root vegetable is also a good source of antioxidant agents.

64. Quinoa-Tacobowls: Quinoa is naturally gluten-free and contains iron, B-vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, vitamin E and fiber. It is one of only a few plant foods that are considered a complete protein and comprised of all pernine essential amino acids.

65. Raspberry-Tummy-Tucker: By increasing enzyme activity, oxygen consumption, and heat production in certain types of fat cells, raspberry phytonutrients like rheosmin may be able to decrease risk of obesity as well as risk of fatty liver.

66. Beta-Carotene-Rich-Plantains-and-Water: Plantains, a member of the banana family, are starchy and low in sugar. They are usually baked or fried and used much like potatoes in Caribbean and West African dishes. Like bananas, plantains are a good source of potassium and fiber. Plantains contain significantly more vitamin A and vitamin C than bananas.

67. Rapid-Transit: Wheatgrass juice is an effective healer because it contains all minerals known to man, and vitamins A, B-complex, C, E, l and K. It is extremely rich in protein, and contains 17 amino acids, the building blocks of Warding off heart disease.

68. The-Power-Punch: Bananas are a great source of vitamin B6.B vitamins help break down homocysteine—an amino acid that at high levels is related to a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

69. Almond-Silk-Wonder-Milk-for-Weight-Management: One cup of almond milk contains only 60 calories, as opposed to 146 calories in whole milk, 122 calories in 2 percent, 102 calories in 1 percent, and 86 calories in skim. It makes for a great substitute that will help you lose or maintain your current weight.

70. Anti-Inflammatory-Peanutty: Although almond milk only contains 1 gram of protein per serving, it contains plenty of B vitamins such as iron and riboflavin, both important for muscle growth and healing.

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