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Some people aren’t as well geared towards living in a city as others. The number of people you find in places like this make sit hard for them to feel friendly, with everyone going about their business with little thought for others. When you’re suffering from something like depression, the lack of compassion found in a lot of cities is hard to cope with, leaving a lot of people to struggle with daily life. It doesn’t have to be this way, though, as long as you’re willing to follow some simple rules. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring these rules, giving you the chance to take control of the depression which is ruling your life.

Find A Good Network

While the size of a city will often contribute to the way that it impacts something like depression, it can also be a big part of the solution, with far more people suffering from the same condition as you than you would find in a smaller place. This gives you access to support groups, social media communities, and new friends, opening the doors to an easier life. When you have people like this around you, it will be far easier to feel like people can relate to you, and this is very important when you’re living in a place which makes it hard to have your own identity.

Choose Your Area Well

Most cities have a range of different neighborhoods, with people grouping up based on loads of different factors. This means that some places are far more accepting than others, and you may even be able to find a place to live which is perfect for someone suffering from your condition, even in areas which usually make it hard to be comfortable. To help you to achieve this goal, websites like Reddit and Facebook can put you in touch with locals, giving you the chance to get advice about the best places to live. If you can, it would be good to try and live somewhere close to a medical establishment.

Get Some Support

Nowadays, people are far more sympathetic to those struggling through life with issues like depression than they were in the past. This has opened the doors to loads of research in this area, along with the development of loads of specialist methods which can be used to help those in your position. Cognitive behavioural therapy is a great example of this, with professionals being able to improve people’s lives with just a few short sessions. It can be easy to ignore options like this, assuming that you don’t need them, even when daily life is far harder than it has to be.

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With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take charge of this side of your life. No one should have to live with depression without getting any support, but you often have to take it for yourself, even when you’ve been given a diagnosis.

Please, Speak Out and Ask for Help – Do not suffer in silence.

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The new year is almost upon us, and chances are, you will be busy making your resolutions for the year ahead. And that’s great, you should, but within your resolutions, you might want to think about new mindsets as well. To give you a better chance at sticking with the resolutions you set, you should also adopt mindsets to go with each. This way, you will have a better chance of sticking to your annual goals.

Examples? Consider the following.

Resolution: I am going to give up bad habits

Mindset: My health is important to me

Your bad habits are so-called because they are bad for you. As you think about giving them up, adjust your mindset as well. Let your health be the impetus, keeping in mind the healthy outcomes that will be the consequence. Take the steps needed, such as taking up vaping instead of smoking – visit ecigwizard.com – and remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing, especially when you find yourself tempted to fall back into old ways.

Resolution: I will make more time for me

Mindset: I deserve to be happy

You can’t be selfish with all of your time – you might be a wife, mother, and friend, with all of the demands on your time that this entails. However, there is more to you than these labels. You are your own person, so while you might take steps to make other people happy, you still deserve to find time for your own needs; doing those things that will make you happy. By doing so, you will both avoid burnout and have a more fulfilled year ahead. So, care for yourself, find those things that will offer you a sense of personal contentment, and remind yourself why you are creating more me-time: it’s because you deserve it!

Resolution: I will try new things

Mindset: I am capable and able to learn

Our targets at the start of the year are often promises to do something ‘new.’ These things often threaten to push us out of our comfort zones, and for this reason, we can back down from doing them through fear and hesitation. Instead of doing something new, we continue to do the same old things because we feel safer. However, consider who you are. Think about your many abilities. Keep in mind your many achievements; how you have succeeded in the past, after doing things you never thought possible. You are a capable person because you have already proven it to yourself. You are able to learn because you have already learned so much in your life. Keep these things in mind when you consider the things you would like to do in the new year, especially when your nerves threaten to get the better of you.

So, what about you? Can you apply positive mindsets to accompany your new year resolutions? Think about your goals, and then adjust your thinking to help you meet them. As we said, you stand a better chance of achieving your resolutions if you do.

We wish you a very happy and successful new year, whatever that means to you!

Hopefully, this has made the decision an easier one to make!

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A Special Appreciation goes out to our guest writer: Sarah Hopely for this insightful post.

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We send YOU ALL our Love & Appreciation this Thanksgiving Day.

Have a good one filled with loads of gratitude and love.

Be Thankful for a New Day
Be Thankful for Loved Ones
Be Thankful for Good Health
Be Thankful for Expanding Wealth
Be Thankful for Opportunities around You

I am THANKFUL for all that has been mentioned above but most of all, I THANKFUL for His Grace on all I have been through and the Renaissance Journey I am on right now.

Always having the spirit of Gratitude ‘cause My TANK is FULL of THANKS

What are You Thankful for this Season?

Happy Thanksgiving Beloveds ❤️

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It’s one of the most important parts of an adult woman’s life, but not many people want to talk about it – contraception. If you are a sexually active adult, then it is crucial that you have a good basic knowledge of the different contraception methods available to prevent you falling pregnant before you would want to start a family. After all, having a baby is a huge commitment and something that can be extremely costly and life-changing. It’s important that you think carefully about when the best time to have a baby for you would be. For most women, it’s once they have been in a stable relationship with their partner for a while and have managed to build up a successful career. They will then have all the necessary support and finances needed to provide the child with a happy and comfortable life.

Until you get to that point, though, you will need to use some form of contraception. Here are the most common methods that you can choose from. 


One of the most regularly used forms of contraception is condoms. These have the added benefit of also being able to prevent sexually transmitted diseases passing between two people. The condoms are made from a very thin latex and prevent the sperm from passing into the vagina. When they are used correctly, they have a 98% success rate. However, there is a small chance of them splitting during sex, which is something that you need to bear in mind. You can buy condoms from the supermarket or your local drug store, and some doctors and fertility clinics will also give them away for free.

The Pill

The pill is exactly that – it’s a small pill that you will need to take at the same time every day for three weeks. You then have a week’s break during which you will get your period. After the seven-day break, you simply start taking the cerazette contraceptive pill again. It contains artificial hormones which prevent ovulation. As a result, there is no egg for the sperm to fertilize if it does reach the uterus. The pill is 99% effective, although it can cause some side effects. For instance, most women experience tender breasts, headaches, and mood swings. In some extreme cases, it has even been linked to depression.

The Contraceptive Implant

If you want to use a form of contraception that you don’t have to think about every day or every time you have sex, then you might be interested in the contraceptive implant. This is a very tiny rod that is placed under the skin in the arm. It then releases hormones into the bloodstream to prevent pregnancy and lasts for around three years. You don’t need to think about it or do anything during those three years. There are not as many side effects as with the pill, but if you do experience some, you can always have the implant removed.

IUD (The Coil)

Another option for you is the IUD. This stands for an intrauterine device and is more commonly known as the coil. This is a piece of plastic and copper that is shaped like a T and is fitted into the uterus by a doctor or a nurse. It can be left up there for between five and ten years. It can be fitted at any time during your menstrual cycle and is 99% effective when fitted correctly. You can also have it removed at any time if you want to take it out earlier. Once it is removed, your fertility will instantly return and you could end up pregnant straight away. There are some side effects associated with the coil, including heavier and longer periods. Some women also experience spotting in between their periods to start with.

Contraceptive Injections

The contraceptive injection is one more method that you might want to use. You will need to visit your doctor so that he can inject the hormone progesterone into you. This will then prevent you from falling pregnant for thirteen weeks. Once those thirteen weeks are up, you will need to go back for a top-up injection. It’s a method that is 99% effective, and lots of women like it as they don’t need to remember to do anything every day as they would with the pill or condoms. There are some side effects associated with it, such as weight gain, tender breasts, and headaches. Unfortunately, you will have to wait for the injection to wear off for the side effects to disappear.

Hopefully, this has made the decision an easier one to make!

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A Special Appreciation goes out to our guest writer: Sarah Hopely for this insightful post.

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are-you-burned-out-4As savvy, young business people, we’re constantly on the go, but sometimes too much hard work can lead to signs of burning out. These telltale signs are your body’s way of trying to get you to slow down and pay attention.

I can testify to that, being a mother, sister, daughter, business woman, blogger, community worker is taking its toll on me and I find myself being snappy towards family and friends when the stress overwhelms me. I tell myself – ‘SELF – YOU NEED TO TAKE A CHILL PILL CAUSE THIS IS NOT HEALTHY TO YOU OR ANYONE’ and then I snap back to becoming HUMAN again.

We are now in the middle of November and almost into the end of the year of 2018 (not too sure how the year just flew by but eh), so as I have advised moi (Me, Myself & I): Do yourself and your workplace a favour by taking heed to avoid a total meltdown. These five solutions will have you back on your feet and feeling back to normal in no time.

You Are Always Late:

* The problem: You worked late last night, so it was difficult to get up when your alarm clock sounded in the morning. Next thing you know, you’re scrambling and usually arrive late.

* The solution: Even if your company is in its busy season (with long overtime hours), try to get out of the office at a reasonable hour. Or talk to your boss about creating a rotating schedule, so the company is covered at all times without you having to work a crazy 12-hour-plus day.

African American Woman

 Your Desk Is a Mess:

* The problem: You barely have time to get up for a coffee refill, so odd papers, and stuff pile up.

* The solution: Before you start any of your work in the morning, give yourself 10 to 15 minutes to clear off your desk. You’ll find yourself able to concentrate better when your desk is neat and orderly.

You Forget to Eat Lunch:

* The problem: You’re crunching away at your desk when suddenly you feel woozy and realise its 3 p.m. and you still haven’t eaten.

* The solution: Sometime between noon and 2 pm. force yourself to step away from your desk and take care of your body. Your body and brain need protein to fuel your work efforts. Even 15 minutes away from your desk will do wonders for your mental health.

are-you-burned-out-3You’re Struggling to Complete Assignments:

* The problem: Computers often can be your worst enemy when trying to complete an assignment. Emails, IMs, and your ever-updating news feed can keep you distracted from the work at hand.

* The solution: Set yourself up with mini-deadlines to finish assignments. Take a brief look at the header of an email and, unless it requires immediate attention, then wait to respond until your assignment at hand is completed. 

 Your Head Feels Foggy:

* The problem: You’ve lost your vigor and motivation, and it’s hard for you to stay focused.

* The solution: It might be time for you to take a vacation day. Recharging your batteries will help you come back to work more invigorated and ready to take on challenging assignments.

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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There comes a time in life’s journey that you feel discouraged and need some ‘UP’ medicine to empower you.

Have you ever had negative words being spoken at you or to you (from family members to friends to teachers to co-workers) which have hurt to the core? Spoken Words are very powerful and can be so impactful later down the line so I have learned to tune out or accept what I want to be spoken around me. Back in my sensitivity days, I used to let those spoken words affect me in way I could not comprehend but then remembered stumbling upon a video that Lisa Nichols delivered, which was a powerful speech on how to never dim your light for the sake of others and let yourself shine regardless of what those around you might think. And it is now my go-to affirmation YouTube clip.

LISA NICHOLS is one of the world’s most-requested motivational speakers, as well as a media personality and corporate CEO whose global platform has reached and served nearly 30 million people. From a struggling single mom on public assistance to a millionaire entrepreneur, Lisa’s courage and determination has inspired fans worldwide and helped countless audiences breakthrough, to discover their own untapped talents and infinite potential. Lisa is also a best-selling author of six books, and her 7th book ABUNDANCE NOW, published by HarperCollins. 

One thing I learned after watching her video was to always remember that I am in Control Of My Life. You can’t control every event, but at the end of the day, only you have the power to change your thoughts, actions, and situation. You’re the author of your own story, and only you get to write the next chapter of your lifeI’m not going to ask the world if I can be great, I’m going to give the world notice that I will be great. We’ve all been guilty of waiting for permission or wanting the validation of someone else. We wait politely for our dreams to come true, or we stop recognizing our own desires and dreams because we think they’re unrealistic. But the compromised life never feels good. You’re not meant to sacrifice your dreams or settle for less; you’re meant to find happiness and joy in what you do well.

The truth is, people often don’t understand your journey or ideas. Every great leader, every successful entrepreneur, every amazing visionary has had to walk the path less traveled at some point. And it does feel lonely. You will probably feel some hurt when your family or friends or old tribe doesn’t understand the new you or your new ideas. Stick with it. Know your mission, know what you want, and pursue it.

Below are some of my favourite quotes from the video clip:

  • “Other people’s perception of you ain’t none of your business.”
  • “I’m not gonna dim my lights, here, have some shades.”
  • “Don’t put a period where God put a comma.”
  • “Don’t worry, my story is GOOD… don’t feel sorry for me… I got 7 under my belt”

What’s your favorite line from Lisa Nichols’ passionate speech?

The Renaissance Journey continues …

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Ever had one of those days when things just seem to go wrong from the jump? Like stubbmaking-a-fresh-start-1ing your toe as soon as you get out of bed — talk about starting your day off on the wrong foot! Or your day starts off fine, but one thing goes wrong and everything else seems to go wrong thereafter?

At the start of 2018, people were more focused on making a Fresh Start. The priority was on what was more important to make a fresh start each and every day.

Backroll to the definition of making a fresh start which means to make a new start or to start something again: ‘Renaissance‘. This expression is used when things have not been going so well and a person wants to change their situation. On days like the start of the New Year, many people see an opportunity to make a fresh start, to put any bad situations behind them and to move on to something new. An example: I’m going to put last year behind me and make a fresh start. It is a time of Hope and Change.

Well, why not start each day in the presence of God: let Him be the fuel for the journey ahead. How you get into His presence doesn’t matter, just making the time is important. You may have “your” plan for the day, but God may want to lead you in a totally different direction. We have to learn to be strong enough to depend on God so we can begin to hear God speaking to our hearts. In order for God to give you His direction, He must have your attention.

positive-mental-attitude_designWe are programmed to wish for others and hope for ourselves to have “good days.” But our intent should be to experience “God days” — days that have been orchestrated with steps ordered by God.

God days aren’t based on what happens. They are shaped by the ever-present knowledge of God’s purpose and His promise that He is with us and for us.

Today and every day that you are graced to be alive is a God day. Listen out for the voice of God to lead you. Be determined to walk in the Spirit and stay in the flow of God’s leading way.

Make it a Good Day!!

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Created by@jovianzayne, the first-ever International Day of Purpose® was designed to inspire people to celebrate and activate the power of purpose.

At some point in our lives, we’ve all tried to be the best version of ourselves. We’ve considered how to get the most meaning out of life and pondered the timeless question, what is our purpose?

This year’s #DayofPurpose was on June 21, 2018, and people are encouraged to reflect on the power of their purpose, live with intention and share stories of how to live on purpose with the world by tagging them #DayofPurpose:

Whether you’re just starting to think about your purpose, or you’ve been living a purpose-oriented life for years, today is for YOU! It is for all of us.

On the International #DayofPurpose, the moral is to encourage each other to be our best selves, OnPurpose.  

The motive for International #DayOfPurpose is that we can examine our habits and see if they move us closer to our purpose or further away. And unlike the other days when we lived carelessly, we should be intentional and engage in behavior that allows us to use our authentic gifts to serve the world, OnPurpose.

So, how did YOU celebrate the International #DayofPurpose?

Tell us! Perhaps you simply took the time to reflect on your purpose. Or, perhaps you engaged in purposeful behaviors; like returning to the gym, updating your resume so you can work #OnPurpose, or finally signed up for the mentoring program you’ve been reading about.

Whatever you do or did, do it with no regrets, and do it OnPurpose.

Click on the link to sign, save and share the OnPurpose Pledge

Then follow the below steps to create YOUR OWN #DayOfPurpose Meme and share with the world 

1) Click on the “Social Media” template under “Create a design” on Canva.com

2) Upload a photo of yourself living OnPurpose!

3) Upload the #DayOfPurpose template (here)

4) Fill in the blanks

5) Share your purpose on social media and tag: @DayOfPurpose& #DayOfPurpose

The Renaissance Journey continues …

Tell the world how you live #OnPurpose!

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On Thursday, February 15th, Hair Care Revolution (HCR) hosted its first event of 2018, the highly anticipated launch of the Afro Hair & Beauty Association (AHBA). I was so humbled and honoured to attend the highly anticipated launch of Afro Hair & Beauty Association (AHBA), hosted by Hair Care Revolution (HCR) at the Jamaican High Commission in Kensington, London.

It has always been reported that Black women spend six times more on hair products than their white counterparts or any other ethnic group – but very few reap any financial rewards from an industry said to be worth in excess of $7.5 billion dollars globally. HCR founded the AHBA in 2017 to utilise an already established network to facilitate a much-needed support & developmental structure for the benefit of members of the association, as well as the wider community. The AHBA aims to be the first Black British Afro Hair & Beauty organisation of its kind in the UK tasked with the privilege of representing Black British hair and beauty brands around the

Hair Care Revolution (HCR) founded by Ovi King acts as a hair care pop-up shop experience offering the Black community the option to spend their money within their community. Their aim is to add value by providing a professional service, exciting events, and a memorable experience. Coupled with inspiring others within the community to work closer together and encourage the creation of financially successful platforms, businesses & opportunities for ourselves. The HCR Team have events scheduled this 2018 in countries like Paris and Amsterdam where brands and individuals can display their products to the wider European community. They are committed and passionate about bringing ideas to life and becoming instigators for the change we desire.

The AHBA event was attended by top Afro hair & beauty professionals, bloggers, press, enthusiasts, independent brand owners, distributors and on & offline retailers. Presenter Caz Mac, the founder of No Ordinary Woman chat show, kept the evening flowing. The theme of the evening was ‘Black Excellence’ and it certainly lived up to the expectations I had placed. The glittering guest list comprised of respected veterans within the hair and cosmetics industry including Mr. Rudi Page, former International Marketing Manager for the legendary Dyke & Dryden (who is allegedly responsible for coining the term ‘Afro hair & beauty’), Connie Jackson, former General Manager of Fashion Fair UK, Eryca Freemantle, a
Transformational Coach and Global Beauty Strategist amongst others high profile attendees.

Eryca is well-known in the global circles of health, beauty, and makeup, particularly for her campaigns to encourage the beauty industry to take a broader and more inclusive strategic position by ‘Embracing all Tones of Women’. She strongly believes in sharing her journey through her own life story so it enables others to realise that they too can uplift themselves from any situation. (www.erycafreemantle.com)

There was an opening speech by a representative from the Jamaican High Commission who touched on empowering ourselves to step out of our comfort zone and boldly into our calling. She also spoke about how the High Commission aims to facilitate business start-ups and collaborations between businesses within the UK and Jamaica.

We were treated to a classical ballet piece composed by Tonye Scott Obene, who is a 20-year old pilot-in-training, taekwondo expert, and classically trained ballet dancer. His family runs the popular Miami Health Club based in South-East London where he coaches and empowers young people and adults. Tonye is the example of Black Excellence exemplified.

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Ovi King, the founder, and president of AHBA then shared the aims and visions of what the association aims to bring to the Beauty Industry, which is to focus on Empowering, Innovation & Collaboration of Black Hair & Beauty Brands within the Beauty Industry. HCR founded the AHBA in 2017 to utilise an already established network to facilitate a much-needed support and developmental structure for the benefit of members of the association, as well as the wider community. Ovi went on to explain that AHBA aims to provide a voice for the industry, sharing knowledge and offering support where it is needed. They also aim to constantly raise standards in the industry so customers may receive exceptional products, high-quality services that build solid reputations & exceed expectations.

Aims & Goals:

  • The association will seek out the best resources available in order to provide members the following:
  • Advice & guidance – Provide support, advice and training resources
  • Promotion – Promote the UK Afro hair and beauty industry nationally & internationally.
  • Opportunity – Create opportunities that benefit our members.
  • Stimulate trade- Form trade links & strategic partnerships globally especially between Africa the USA & the Caribbean.
  • Professional Development- offer continuing education and professional development.
  • Showcase best practices- Provide a forum for promoting/sharing industry-wide best practices.

The Vision for the Future:

  • Legacy – We will support brands wholeheartedly that makes a positive impact on the community they serve not just for the short term but also for the next 100 years and beyond.
  • Shared Values – ABHA 5 pillar ethos – Professionalism, Success, Integrity, Unity, and ownership.
  • Leadership – Develop and cultivate the next generation of business leaders and influencers who will dominate the Afro hair & beauty industry globally.

The carefully selected committed AHBA Board Members made up of some experienced veterans of the Afro hair & beauty industry were finally revealed to us, which followed with a photo session where each board member had to sign the Article of The ABHA Association stating their commitment to AHBA and its concept.

The Advisory board members have graciously agreed to offer their time, support and advice to this special association, where they will share a common goal of creating a new and exciting future for UK Afro hair & beauty brands. All will bring their extensive talents, vision & business expertise to the association.

Four lucky independent business owners were given the opportunity to pitch their products to a Dragon’s Den style panel including award-winning celebrity hair stylist, Verona White, and UK Black Business Show founder, Raphael Sofoluke.

  • Fit 4 a Kiing is a healthy lifestyle company that presented their toothpaste and skin care brand using natural activated charcoal, which is an alternative to Fluoride that is a slow poison.  The customer is at the centre of the Fit 4 a Kiing brand focus. 
  • Mama-sia is a brand that 5,000 people in local villages in Ghana are positively affected by. Their beard oils and wellbeing products are sourced from Ghana but made in the UK.
  • Nylah celebrates African heritage, hair, and science. The mumpreneur created a safe, gentle and effective natural alternative for daughter Nylah. Partnering with a black cosmetic scientist and a trichologist, Nylah provides plant-based skin and hair care products. Kameese also leads local racial esteem workshops in Birmingham. 
  • MonShea Ltd, are made from pure shea oil.  Even men and women with locs can use the products, as they are more moisturising than shea butter.  This brand also believes in natural packaging for natural products.

Congratulations to Mama-sia for winning first prize for the AHBA Excellence Award on the night, which is a one-to-one mentoring session with one of the high calibre board members and 2 years free membership. Brand runner-up Nylah, won the Rising Star Award. 

As a previous Afro Hair & Beauty model (from back in the 90s), it was such pleasure to unite with old associates (hair stylists, fellow old models, and brands) sharing memories and networking with new hair and beauty insiders discussing our expectations of better and bigger things to come from AHBA.

Signing out with a quote from Ovi: “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

Congratulations, AHBA and Hair Care Revolution on this excitable Black Excellence journey.

To join their mailing list and get notified of the latest info & news; visit the AHBA website and interested in becoming a member: visit ‘the membership area’.

Do share your thoughts about diversity and your experiences within the Hair & Beauty industry in the comments below!

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Weekend Trivia Survey!

Are YOU ready for the challenge? Why not do a Quality Match of Interior Design and see how your interior style is.

Click on the link to start your Interior Design Taste Match NOW

Do not forget to share your results and thoughts about your desired Interior Design taste in the comments below!

Check the below table with the outcome of my test and the results of my Taste vs Interior Designer:

Categories Yvonne’s Taste Interior Designer Choice’s Taste
Era: Modern –  a preference for modern design and styling Retro/Period
Style: Classical – a preference for more classical and refined design choices Classical
Colours: Muted and Understated Bold and Vibrant

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I truly believe we are in the season of The Black Renaissance and I am glad to see the spirit of Black Excellence being displayed by men and women breaking boundaries.

You can imagine my excitement at seeing the incredible Patricia Bright (@thepatriciabright) on the cover of Glamour UK’s first bi-annual beauty bible! In it, she opens up and talks about ambition, beauty, and racism in an exclusive interview in the brand new issue of GLAMOUR UK magazine, out now.

Patricia Bright is the first Black (of Nigerian heritage) Vlogger to hit the 2M subscribers mark and is constantly in demand by worldwide beauty brands.

So to my fellow Nigerian Sista: I celebrate YOU for redefining what a Blogger or Vlogger does behind the screen. I admire You for being the ambitious, creative, transparent, witty, compassionate, business-minded, mompreneur person that you are. Thank you for opening the doors for people like me to strive even harder in this Bloggers world, whilst being true to ourselves.

In the spirit of Women Empowerment and celebration of Black Women making it, we congratulate Patricia Bright on her debut cover. Whoop Whoop – Black Excellence at its Best!!! 

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Today is the celebration of the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at a moment when the USA feels hopelessly divided. But I still believe there is HOPE!

This year is extremely special as it marks the 50th anniversary of the death of King, who was tragically assassinated on April 4, 1968.

Dr. King Jr. was known as a man of peace and once stated that “true peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of justice.”  

In light of the mannerisms of the current president and his attitude towards People of Colour, I truly believe as MLK realised that ‘opportunity is the only road to true equality’ and that has to be for all Americans. A Change is Coming and real SOON.

So here’s to you, Dr. King and to Your Dream: We salute YOU ??????

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