Taking Back Your Happiness

With the state of the world now particularly at a standstill; many people are finding it hard to find that place of HAPPINESS and it is easy to understand why. You are literally watching the freedom you have always had somewhat stripped away from you but remember this is just for a season. It’s for SURVIVAL.

So one might pose the question of what is happiness and what does it mean to be happy in life?

It’s a question I’ve asked myself many times and probably it was one of the first questions that pushed me to begin my personal development journey years ago or as I define it: journey to rediscovery.

Most of us probably don’t believe we need a formal definition of happiness; we know it when we feel it, and we often use the term to describe a range of positive emotionsincluding joypridecontentment, and gratitude as Happiness.

So, let us reflect what truly is of value in life, what gives meaning to our lives, and set our priorities on the basis of that. The purpose of our life needs to be positive and that includes ‘Taking Back Your Happiness‘ which is FREE:

1. Own your own Happiness: take it away from other people (demanding that they make you happy as your kids or spouse or a big house won’t make you happy) – own your own happiness & be responsible for doing those things that bring you joy into your heart. Take responsibility for those things that bring peace and joy that lives inside of your heart and not necessarily into your stuff.

2. Challenge Your Own Story: stop tormenting yourself by how you see your life & tell yourself a story that it is the truth whereas it is just a ‘perspective truth’ of which you have narrated yourself a story of which you have beat yourself to death with. Challenge your story and change the way you talk to yourself about who you are and what happened to you. You wrote the script so change it.

3. Enjoy the Journey and not the Destination: enjoy the whole process as you appreciate the steps to get there as you can fall and rise up again, Stop delaying your happiness as there is joy in the process. Celebrate not only at the finish line but all around the way. Enjoying the journey as there is joy in the process and if you do not see yourself as valuable – then nobody else will.

4. Make Every Relationships Count:

(a): your relationship with God as He is the man in charge and God the boss will work it out for you;

(b): enjoy the relationship with yourself as if you don’t like you then no-one else will like you;

(c): enjoy the relationship with your kids, spouse and friends – you cannot be fruitful by yourself; you are no more than the relationship that you surround yourself with and make sure that they are good ones.

5. Balance Work with Play: you cannot do all or either one without being successful. Do some play to balance yourself out! So people can get a perspective of who you are. Everything is not serious every day so enjoy the journey and the process.

Others might associate happiness with a new car, an expensive house, a pile of money in the bank, or even just a square meal and a roof overhead.  My own definition of happiness is deep-down contentment with my life while knowing and fully accepting that everything in life (like this pandemic) is temporary and nothing is ever perfect but this TOO shall pass. It is a state of mind which I can create to nurture my body and my soul.

Essentially, life is full of habits, let’s cultivate and make Happiness one of them.

So, what does Happiness mean for YOU? Let’s Discuss!!!

The Renaissance Journey continues …

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