Talk Time with Clara Rufai, Author of ‘Welcome to the ‘Prison Break: The 9 to 5 Escape Agenda’

You have all heard the saying: women empowering other women. All my life, I have been surrounded by positive and strong-minded women who know their worth and are not afraid to step outside the comfort zone to achieve their purpose.

potential 1 TealSo I am pleased to have had the privilege to interview such a woman: Clara Rufai. She is a Lawyer, Motivator, Wife, Mother and now Author has been added to the list of titles to define this amazing woman who also goes by the acronym: Born to Conquer (BTC).

Clara has always loved the gift of writing right from her early years and  knowing that 2016 being the year of the Quantum Leap decided to take that leap of faith and step into her purpose of being the Author.

BTC 16Her new book is titled ‘Prison Break: The 9 to 5 Escape Agenda – Taking the Leap from Limitation to Liberation which is being launched on the 10th of September at the exquisite Conrad Hotel London, St. James, 22-28 Broadway. London. SW1H 0BH from 5pm. The theme of the book launch is: Unlock Your Shine Factor!

Before we go into the persona of Clara Rufai via a one-on-one interview with the lady herself – I have attached a snippet of an interview held with Ben Television in light of the anticipated Book Launch:

Name:  Clara Rufai
Title: Author. Speaker. Entrepreneur. Solicitor.
Location: London, UK
Hometown:  London

Twitter:  @clararufai
Instagram:  @clararufai

The Journey:  My journey is: Instilled by creativity. Kick-started by Guts. Watered by a stubborn determination to succeed. Fuelled by Resilience. Underpinned by Authenticity. Helped by Grace. Guided by God.
On Being Her Own Boss: I would love to be my own boss and for me that means flexibility and freedom to set my own pace of working life, freedom to prioritise my life as I deem fit not as my employer deems fit, the ability to work from home, or indeed to work from any location of my choice. It also means the privilege of being woken up by my body clock rather than by my alarm clock. Most importantly it would mean doing work that I enjoy and which makes me feel valuable to the world.

8P6A1361Where does your creative idea come from? One of the most positive traits I possess is my creative streak. My creativity is innate and is a source of joy.  Sometimes, I have so many ideas that I must grab a pen and quickly write them down! I have a quiet sense of confidence in my creative abilities. I believe that my creativity is worthy of my time and effort. I nurture it as much as I can. I try to set aside some time each day to create. I can jot down the creative solutions, ideas, and artistic gems that come to me in the course of each day.

How you are with Social Media: As good as I need to be, to take the benefits without suffering the drawbacks!

Why did you decide to write your book: To provoke and challenge and encourage objective self-analysis and examination of thought patterns. To encourage professionals to look beyond the limitations of their corporate cubicles. To provide a blueprint for the reader to locate their Shine Factor, that personal brilliance that only they can offer. To encourage the reader to engage their inner core in making the transition to their Shine Zone, where shining is effortless.

What is your favourite part about being an author: The joy of seeing your work in print! The satisfaction of creating something that will outlive you. The privilege of being able to leave footprints in the sands of time.

What accomplishment are you most proud of! My new book; I have waited decades for that dream to come true!

What are your plans for the future? More books. More creative endeavours.

What is your Favourite Book?  There are quite a few, and for different reasons. For the sake of brevity, I’ll choose one: Success Principles by Jack Canfield.

BTC 15What favourite quote/mantra do you live by?  “Life actually offers you lots of second chances – they’re called New Horizons! When we look up, it widens our horizon. Elevate your inside game, a new horizon lies ahead! Be filled with awe and joy at what lies over the horizon.”

Your Best Advice:

  1. No one takes your voice; you lose it when you refuse to use it – Speak, Sing, and Write!
  2. Knowing who you are, being in touch with your core and crafting a mission statement that guides your life and keeps you on track.
  3. Fear is very persuasive – don’t let it con you out of your dreams!
  4. Every day, find and do those things that bring the deepest fulfilment.
  5. There is so much more to life than a 9 to 5

Her Work-Life Balancing Act:  Being perfectly honest, I’ll admit I haven’t got this down pat. There are currently many balls in the air, and it continues to be a tough balancing act. My strategy is to take each day as it comes and try to do the very best that I can with all of my roles – mum, wife, lover, daughter, sister, friend, employee, mentor, enabler, encourager, inspirer . . .   not an easy task and I’m honest enough to admit this!

What is your definition of happiness? Being in touch with my core. Living a life of purpose. Being able to give something of value to the world.

What is your greatest hope? That I might be enabled to be a source of hope to others.

What is your greatest fear? Fear of dying unsung

What is your Time Saving Tips? PASA: Plan Ahead to Stay Ahead – it’s commonsensical.

What are your Stress Relievers? I relieve stress by Writing. Long drives in scenic environments. Spa days.

Your Superpower: Unbreakability & Resilience. I am Born To Conquer!!

Your Tech Must-Haves: Phone and iPad: I keep it simple!

Your Beauty-Must Haves: Sleep! – Although I don’t get nearly enough!

Your Theme Song: My theme song tends to change with the seasons of my life. Currently, my theme song is “There’s gotta be more” – by Micah Stampley

The Ebook is now available for pre-order via Amazon so get in line to receive your eCopy on your device in time for the launch:

And tickets are still on sale via and share with your friends and family for an enlightening evening of Words, Inspiration and Experiencing your Shine Factor!

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