The Black Woman

uzuriShe is an arresting combination of beauty, strength, and an inimitable style. She is earth mother and goddess, siren and the ever-surreal Nubian Queen.

She is the BLACK WOMAN.

Men appreciate her and call her the breadth of the power of God, God’s gift to the world.  They say they have been blessed to have good BLACK WOMEN in their corners all their lives, helping to guide both their personal and professional lives.  As much as she deserves their love, she has also earned their respect.

She is the BLACK WOMAN.

This woman has a tradition of resilience, spirituality, and optimism that is the essence of her being.  She has had to carry some heavyweights and has done it heroically and is doing it every day.

She is the BLACK WOMAN.

Men marvel at the variety of her beauty and overwhelming tenacity and depth.  They love and respect her for the strength and endurance, confidence and care and support and love that she exhibits unconditionally.  They comment on the wholesome love they have cimg_0833ontinuously encountered all their lives from HER.

She is the BLACK WOMAN.

: I salute you ’cause you are truly the strength of all kinds… and I am so blessed to be one of you!!!

Dedicated to all my BLACK SISTERS out there. Keep up the spirit: You are truly Unique!! 

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Yours in love – The Renaissance Lady ©

The Renaissance Lady

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