The Making of Black Pound Day

Over the past weekend, a new campaign was launched to celebrate Black-Owned Businesses. You may have seen mention of it on your Twitter or Instagram feed without really clocking exactly what it is or how the day is going to contribute to greater equality or you might not have heard of it yet.

‘Black Pound Day’ took place for the first time in the UK on Saturday, June 27 and was set up to celebrate Black-owned businesses and give the Black community both an emotional and financial boost. It is now set to be a monthly event encouraging people to buy products from or book services with Black-owned businesses in the UK.

This historical community-empowering campaign was the brainchild of Swiss (who was a member of the famous So Solid Crew). Swiss was inspired by the energy of the Black Lives Matter movement following the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minnesotan police in the USA. 

Speaking about ‘Black Pound Day’, Swiss said: ‘With the recent unfortunate events I could foresee my community plunging into another cycle of historical trauma, I wanted to somehow repurpose that energy into a positive outcome. Black Pound Day was the result of that motivation.’

The vision of ‘Black Pound Day’ is to empower the community to create a new economy which will, in turn, underpin our long-term financial growth and infrastructure and in turn will help us as a community gain greater knowledge to be able to access and invest in Black businesses.

There are tonnes of Black entrepreneurs out there, but how much do we hear about them? On any given beauty magazine page, how many of the products featured come from Black-owned companies? How about food stalls at markets and festivals? Or Black-published or authored books on literary lists?

So, here’s your guide to what it is and how you can get involved:

  1. Buy from Black-owned businesses
  2. Take a photo of the purchase or business
  3. Post on social media using the hashtag #BlackPoundDay
  4. Big up your experience on your stories
  5. Recommend the business to a friend

For more information on how to get involved and learn how to join the #BlackPoundDay Movement – log onto As a member of the Black Pound Day movement, there are 5 Agreements which we stand by:

  • I agree to share my knowledge, skills and resources whenever possible for the benefit of my community.
  • I agree to pursue the economic interests of my community by supporting black-owned businesses, consistently.
  • I agree as a consumer to seek out products produced by my community whenever possible.
  • I agree to give constructive feedback to my local or online black business.
  • I agree to share my positive experience with my local or online black business with my community.

Black Pound Day, as Swiss says, is a Movement – not a moment. And it’s here to STAY!!!

What has been your experience of the Black Pound Day?

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