Time for Deletion!!!

Happy 2017 again Beloveds. Now let’s get down to it. We are only in the 3rd day of the New Year and you find something is beginning to look familiar – like old habits creeping up, friends who don’t align with your vision or journey start to reappear, the anxiety attack of those doubting voices in your ears; well, it is TIME for Deletion.

images-1Watch this amazing video by King Nahh (an 11 year old motivational speaker – www.kingnahh.com) titled: I Needed This!!! Now I’m Ready for 2017 and believe when I say that after watching it, I am even more inspired to Delete! Delete!! Delete!!!

Remember that 2017 is the Year of the Renaissance (Rebirth) and there are people who are not needed on this journey so start with the DELETE.

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