Top 10 Must-Haves To Rock Your Natural Hair On A Budget

natural-hairIt has been about 4 years since I transitioned to Natural Hair as I decided enough was enough but now I am clearly not sure what styles are best for my natural hair type. If you find yourself in the same situation like me or you feel like you need help maintaining your kinky curly tresses (or straightening them) then this is the place for you!

To kick things off, I am proud to present the “Top 10 Must-Haves to Rock Your Natural Hair on a Budget.”  Whether you are newly natural or a seasoned natural going through transitions, here are some great tips to keep your curls and coils coiffed and sexy while on a shoestring budget:

  1. Make your own leave-in conditioner with a spray bottleconditioner, and water.
  1. Use apple cider vinegar as a final rinse to break down the harsh chemicals present in the water.
  1. Don’t forget about hair oil! (Oils moisturize the scalp, provide nutrients to the hair, and promote hair growth).
  1. Consider making your own deep conditioners by mixing household nourishing ingredients (honey, apple cider, bananas, vinegar, eggs, avocado, and mayonnaise).
  1. Plastic caps are great for deep conditioning. Once applied to the head, it locks in the moisture and provides heat. It’s also another great alternative to using a hooded hair dryer when secured around the head with a hot towel.
  1. Use a Flaxseed Styling Gel as it promotes hair growth, leaves hair feeling soft, moisturized, shiny, and healthy.
  1. Use a Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Stay away from baking soda as it can strip the hair of moisture. (Sulfate-free shampoos reduce hair irritation, hair loss, color fading, and frizziness).
  1. Essential Styling tools should include: bobby pins, satin scarf, tail comb, blow dryer, diffuser, butterfly clips and rubber row brush.
  1. Indulge in essential oils.  There are so many to choose from!  Lavender oils calm and soothe the scalp. Basil stimulates hair growth. Tea Tree decreases scalp dryness.
  1. Patience is very important when learning to style and maintain your hair.  It’s important to allocate time to style your hair and stick to a regimen. It will pay off!

I present to you my hair today – not bowing to any traditional hairstyles, free of chemicals and as breezy as me!!! Happy Hair Day!#naturalhairdonotcare  #longhairalltheway


Yours in love – The Renaissance Lady ©


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