So I found a quiz (Top 50 Signs of being a Mum) which I had shared with a sista-friend of mine 2 years ago and it was so enlightening that I have decided to post the quiz on my blog -after hanging out with that same sista-friend last week, reminiscing about the quiz and discussing the ‘joys’ of motherhood.

So here it goes – try it out during brunch with your sista-friends and laugh it out:

  1. They long for a lie in – True or False
  2. Have a photo of their children as a screensaver – True or False 
  3. They rush everywhere – True or False
  4. They know all the words to popular kids TV theme tunes – True or False
  5. They are permanently knackered or ‘wired’ – True or False 
  6. They always have a pack of wet wipes to hand – True or False
  7. They can function on very little sleep – True or False
  8. Can’t leave the house without asking everyone if they’ve been to the toilet – True or False 
  9. Always carry a massive bag or multiple bags – True or False
  10. Always have tissue in their handbag – True or False
  11. They know the name of characters from kids TV – True or False
  12. They appreciate their own mum more – True or False 
  13. They go out shopping for the day and only return with stuff for the children – True or False
  14. Thinks nothing of sharing stories of difficult births, miscarriages, breast feeding etc. – True or False
  15. They have a cupboard dedicated to medicines – True or False
  16. Never go anywhere without a phone ‘just in case’ – True or False
  17. Super organised – True or False
  18. They don’t get queasy at the thought of poo, wee or sick – True or False
  19. They buy gallons of milk – True or False
  20. Always watch TV through catch-up of Sky+ – True or False
  21. Go to bed at 9pm every night – True or False
  22. They own lots of comfy shoes – True or False
  23. Total inability to watch sad things about children on the telly – True or False
  24. Going for comfort over style when choosing what to wear – True or False
  25. The kids TV channels are always on when they have visitors – True or False
  26. They’d rather get an early night than have a night out when the kids are at a sleepover – True or False
  27. They go to the toilet just to get a few minutes peace – my kids follow me here so no! – True or False
  28. They know the words to ‘Let it Go’ – True or False
  29. They have a massive family organiser on the wall – True or False 
  30. Bigger pants are more comfortable – True or False
  31. They get drunk quicker on one glass of wine – True or False
  32. The realise other work colleague seem so young – True or False
  33. They can fall asleep anywhere – True or False
  34. Have a strong opinion on schooling and education – True or False
  35. They cry really easily when watching TV or films – True or False
  36. Social media post are suddenly all baby pictures – True or False
  37. Always have a box of raisins or snacks in their handbags – True or False
  38. They swear under their breath – True or False
  39. Instinctively grab a someone’s hand when crossing the road – True or False
  40. They panic about a late night – True or False
  41. They are more likely to have seen the newest kids release at the cinema than the latest blockbuster – True or False
  42. Nappies are always in their handbag – True or False
  43. They have ‘mum’ nights out – True or False
  44. They say ‘sugar’ and ‘fudge’ instead of swearing – True or False
  45. They learn to sleep on the edge of the bed because their child in asleep horizontally next to them – True or False
  46. Suddenly a people carrier is a good idea – True or False
  47. Accidentally cut sandwiches into triangles – True or False
  48. Jiggling the shopping trolley as if it was a buggy when they’re in the supermarket – True or False
  49. They can spot a high temperature at ten paces – True or False
  50. They know all the words to irritating pop songs – True or False

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  1. May 3, 2017 / 11:00 pm

    I cannot answer strongly enough to any particular one! Each one is so correct!! You’ve got to love life as a mummy haha!! I think number 18 is the best! Lol I’m an absolute solider now!! Xx

    • therenaissancelady
      May 4, 2017 / 8:22 am

      Thank you Chloe for your comment. My sista-friends and I had a real laugh at the questions and amazing had interesting results. Please subscribe or follow my blog to be notified of future posts. Yours in love – The Renaissance Lady ©

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