Want Your Shoes Looking Fly: Here’s How!

british_women_shoes-464218Many women are in love with SHOES: whether it be Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, Adidas, Nike, Converse and the list goes on. Personally, I settle whatever DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse), Deichmann or even Payless have to offer… (don’t judge me). Whether your shoe addiction is big or small, you want to keep your shoes looking fly for years and not a few months. 

Coco & Creme has compiled a list of ways to keep your heels, boots, sneakers, wedges, and any other shoe looking fresh and sexy. These are things I wish I had known during my young days of spending money on expensive shoes and then cascading them once they looked old. They would have been called ‘vintage’ by now.
Keep Them Covered: One way to protect your shoes is to store them in cotton shoe bags that allow the shoes to breathe. Plastic shoe bags tend to dry shoes out. Also, you want to avoid putting shoes too close to each other on the shoe rack because they can actually bleed into one another. Make sure your chic footwear is tucked away in a closet that is room temperature and is open.
Freshen Up Those Soles: Sprinkle baking soda at night before you go to bed to remove the nasty foot odour from your shoes. In the morning, take your shoes outside and shake off the baking soda. Also, you can buy shoe Women-and-shoesinsoles to put in your shoes.
Rainy Day Footwear: Sometimes we don’t have on our handy rain boots when it rains. If you are wearing leather shoes in the rain, you want to dry them at room temperature – avoid picking up your blow dryer. When your shoes are damp, do not put them back in the box because it causes odour and bacteria.
P.S. When you get a new pair of shoes, spray with a water protector so rain doesn’t penetrate your shoes. You want to do this at least four times a year.
Polish To Perfection: 
Cleaning your shoes helps to avoid a dull appearance. Polishing your shoes helps the colour of the shoe stay fresh. If your shoe is made from leather, you may want to treat them with a shoe polish and a conditioner to keep the oils within the material of the shoe. For suede shoes, you want to take a damp cloth gently around the shoe. Whatever you do, do not toss your shoes into a washing machine because you will be left with stripes of fabric to put on your feet.
Time To Breathe: We all have our favourite pair of shoes, but wearing your favourite shoes daily is not the way to go. ATips For Keeping Your Shoes Flyll footwear needs time to air out and breathe. Try to wear the same pair shoes twice or three times a week. Your shoes will last longer when they are able to rest and recover their shape.
Picking out a new pair of shoes will never go out of style. Whether your shoe addiction is big or small, you want to keep your shoes looking fly for years and not a few months.

Final Thought: remember you don’t wear the shoe but rather the shoes wear you …

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