Welcoming 2020

It seems like it was just yesterday I wished you all a Happy New Year for 2019  and now the year & decade has come to an end (I am still trying to come to terms on how the days flew by so quickly). 2019 was an interesting but amazing year for me (and I hope it was got you), and that wouldn’t have been possible without the privilege of having YOU ALL in my corner.

I am filled with gratitude to you for keeping faith with me throughout the year, for always being there amidst the highs and the not-so-high points. I am so expected and excited at the New Year of 2020 which will be even grander than 2019 and cannot wait to share some of them with you.

So buckle up as we are gearing up to Ready! Set!! Goal!!!


As usual, once the New year kicks in, we all set off with new goals and challenges.

Personally, I have termed this New Season as being the best version of ME that I can BE thus to be setting unrealistic goals focused around big changes is so last year and not needed or welcomed in this 2020. This new year is about reflecting on the past and working toward new goals in the future; which means it’s time to dust off those goals you didn’t complete in 2019 and get to secure the bag. Or maybe you want to manifest your dream job or dream mate. Whatever the goal, it may require some extra internal motivation to get you there.

Hence. I am proposing a new way to set resolutions or Manifestos (as I call it) – start the year by listing all the things you are great at, and then make sure you keep doing these going forward. You can then build on these great attributes and factor them into your future goals.

Self-reflection will give you a clearer vision for the year ahead – #2020Vision. So once you have done this then try to follow our next 5 steps and you will be setting realistic manifestos in no time.

1) Don’t set too many goals as we all have been there! We set way too many goals/manifestos/resolutions which make it hard to stick to any of them let along all of them. Set one or two goals and just focus on those.

2) Write it down: They say that if you write a goal down, you are more likely to stick to it. Worth a try!

3) Reward yourself: Setting little rewards for yourself along the way will motivate you to keep going. Plus, if you are sticking to goals you deserve a treat!

4) Tell others: Let your friends and family know about your goals, they can then help you achieve them. It also you have put it out there to others, which may motivate you more!

5) Keep going: Hands up if you have dropped a New Year resolution/manifesto as soon as you have had a slight slip? Our advice to you is … keep going! A year is a long time to be disillusioned so keep going!

Whatever YOU decide to do or achieve in this 2020; remember to keep your eye on the Goal, Be Focused, Be Wise with your actions and most of all, Enjoy the process.

Happy 2020 Beloveds

The Renaissance Journey continues …

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