What’s Your Legacy?

After this past weekend events of laying to rest Richie and the turn-out of people who came to celebrate his life; the stories told amidst the cries and laughters of the impact he had on people; it left me thinking of what my legacy will be when I leave this mother earth cause death (as much as we hate to admit it) is inevitable to us all. So, What’s my Legacy?

Oprah says that no amount of money can fill your life with substance, and calls on us to offer ourselves in service and think about the legacy we’re building (extract and commencement video via Goalcast – Oprah: What’s your Legacy?).

She continued by saying ‘“You’re nothing if you’re not the truth. The biggest reward is not financial benefits, though it’s really good, you can get a lot of great shoes. Nothing wrong with great shoes. But, those of you that have a lot of shoes know that having great shoes, and a closet full of shoes, or cars, or houses, or square footage, doesn’t fill up your life. It doesn’t. But living a life of substance can, substance through your service, your offering of your whole self. The baseline for how do you live a life of substance, is whatever is the truth for you, what do you stand for? Oprah ended her speech by saying: Your legacy is every life you’ve touched.’ Your legacy is every life you’ve touched. Feel everything with love, because every moment you are building your legacy.” 

This talk on leaving a legacy is constantly something I have heard along this journey of my forty-something year-old life and I have often questioned its definition? My mother always says: “everyone is known for something but Yvonne, what do you want to be known for?” And truthfully, I have never truly thought about what my legacy will be but just live my life the way I have been living it; hopefully impacting people along my journey with love, compassion, giving how I know how either through a word of wisdom, or either through physical or financial help or just being a friend in need whenever I am called or needed. 

A legacy does not have to be something physically handed down to your children but I see it as your name being ‘the’ legacy that is handed down from generation to generation impacting your community and the whole world. If we think of our legacy as a gift, it places an emphasis on the thoughtful, meaningful, and intentional aspects of legacy. 

How do you want to be remembered? How do you want to change the future? How do you want to inspire change in the world? What actions would it take to create your legacy?

Start viewing your goals as the legacy you will leave. Actionable steps to make your legacy epic.

For me: knowing the legacy I want to leave behind helps me stay focused on what I’m doing in the present so my goals are in line with that. My legacy will be a world made better while I am here, and a world left better when I am gone.

So, again I ask: What’s your Legacy?

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